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    Whats up guys! I am still learning how this forum works and don't really know how to search for topics yet but I was just wondering if you guys have any advice on how to find fellow riders around my area? I don't have any friends that ride and aside from flagging down a motorcycle on the street...
  2. United Kingdom
    Hi All, New to the forum, had an er6f for a year before just buying my ZX6R and finding this place. Due to the stupid DAS law change most people i know of a similar age cant get their full bike license and are still riding 125's so riding with them isnt particularly fun :thumbdown: need to...
  3. West Coast
    trying to get riders from 29 palms, joshua tree, yucca valley, palm springs, and everywhere in between together. we have meets in 29 palms wednesday nights at stator bros parking lot, but we need to get some rides set up.
  4. Motorcycle Talk
    I was on my way back from the Casino, and I won $100. I was happy as hell on my way home but all of the sudden my bike gets stock in 5th and 6th gear and it won't go any lower than that. My first reaction was not to panic. I tried the clutch and it seemed to be working fine, so I figure it must...
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