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  1. Motorcycle Talk
    Whats up guys! I am still learning how this forum works and don't really know how to search for topics yet but I was just wondering if you guys have any advice on how to find fellow riders around my area? I don't have any friends that ride and aside from flagging down a motorcycle on the street...
  2. Central
    After searching through some of the old threads it doesn't appear that any of the members from previous threads are still around. So, who is in the Northern MS and western part of Alabama area? I know there are a couple of track days at Barber motorsports which would be cool to do with some...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone my name is Josh! I've been riding for almost 5 years now and have had 7 sportbikes and 2 harleys in my life lol i currently own a 2010 Harley Street Bob and got tired of that so i picked up a 2005 ZX636 so now i have one for cruising and one for doing things illegal :D lol my name...
  4. New Member Introductions
    i just moved to South Florida about 3 months ago, looking for some friends to ride out with and hang, I'm in the Fort Lauderdale area not far from the beach, my Ninja rides great just working on minor things little by little. A way to reach me is my twitter > J2fcknreal Ride safe me fellow kawi's
  5. Motorcycle Talk
    Any Riders In Omaha Ne That Ride....I Got Sum Friends We Need Mor ePeople To Ride With Let Me Know....
  6. Motorcycle Talk
    So a question i get asked a lot or (made fun of) is "how can you handle that bike so well your to short". or sometimes i get "your too short for your bike you should lower it so you don't hurt yourself":bash: i always think, ' i should kick you in the nuts' :headbang: i hate that crap it drives...
1-6 of 6 Results