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  1. 07 ZX6R wont rev over 12k RPM - video example

    The ZX6R
    'sup everyone! first of, here, i've recorded my problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JouiT7ICPU so, as you can see, my bike wont rev to max RPM, and when this happens, it ofc loses power at the end.. sometimes it goes to 10k, sometimes 12k, sometimes, as in the video, it goes to 14k, and...
  2. 08 zx6r revving problems

    Mechanical and Technical
    When I start my bike it will only rev to 12k rpm. Then after I ride for a few minutes it will only go to 10k then 8k. Finally it will stay at a max rev of 6k or 7k and I am stuck on the interstate barely going 65mph. If I turn it off and start it again it will go right back to 12k, but then do...
  3. zx6r can't redline! HELP!!!

    The ZX6R
    Hi all, please can you help. I've recently brought a 2001 zx6r and after a day or two i tried to red line it, trouble is that when it hits about 11 RPM it seems to slow down instead of going fast! It does still really slowly creep up to 12-13 rpm but thats after a long wait and by this point...