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  1. Cams stuck? ZX6R F '97 track bike

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi guys, im at a bit of a loose end and hoping someone who actually knows what they're talking about can help me. Long story short, i bought a ZX6R F model track bike that needed a new engine(Gearbox was dead) , so i put one in there, simple job really. Then when doing up the thermostat...
  2. 01 ZX6r D&D Header cracked at tube to flange mate (repair suggestions)

    Mechanical and Technical
    What's up guys? My 01 has sat for about 8 years now and I am going over it from front to back. It has a D&D full system on it and one of the header tubes is cracked at the spot where the tube meets the flange on the motor side. What is the simplest means of repairing this? I can access the...
  3. Repairs after being stolen

    Mechanical and Technical
    ...As I write this I am fuming... My 08zx6r was stolen a couple of months back. Cops found it about a week after it was stolen and apparently I'm lucky. I know I am but I don't feel it. Due to a litany of circumstances I'm just now able to buy parts and do repairs. I got a used upper triple...
  4. Help with a rebuild lights and fairings

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey everyone. So I am pretty new here. To cut a long story short I was in an accident and finally got the mechanical work done on my bike after saving some money. Now I just need electrical and fairings for my 2006 zx6r. Anyone have a recommended place to go to get a new fairing kit? I also have...
  5. Tips on straightening subframe?

    Mechanical and Technical
    so I picked up a 2010 zx6r the other day off auction. not too much damage, broken fairings, left clip on and rearset... small stuff. After pulling all the tail fairings I could see that the subframe is twisted counter clockwise a bit and bent to the right a bit as well. I was reading up about...
  6. Quick question on rebuild

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey all. I had a question on a downed 2010 zx6r I am looking at bidding on. So far I have just looked at pictures of it (its right by my house so I plan on spending some time looking it over before I place any bids). Did some research and was wondering if there is a plastic cowl that covers the...
  7. Need help lifting front end!

    The ZX6R
    So if you've seen my first post (if not Click here) on the forums then you know I have a slightly bent front rim. I'm going to be getting the rim repaired locally, but they only want the wheel and not the whole bike. At this point I do not have stands or the sliders to lift the bike by. Do any...
  8. I need help my bike wont run

    Mechanical and Technical
    just getting a zx6r that was a little damaged and the stator leaked oil. the bike ran fine but I replaced the stator cover to fix the problem. now after replacing the cover when I start the bike it runs for a few seconds then it shuts off. I dont know why but now it seems it dont want to start...
  9. Clutch or worse??

    Mechanical and Technical
    Rode my son's 2006 today as we traded to see if he could feel the difference in cornering as my 2007 is not lowered and his is. I was thinking of lowering mine as I have to "tippie-toe" but after reading posts and how f'ing time consuming it is to do I am having second thoughts. Anyway I...
  10. <----NEWBIE but how do i fix my rear lights???

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello KAWI WORLD, Im having issues with my rear lights...When i turn left my right rear light comes on and when i go right my left one doesnt work at all. It might be a simple fix and i might sound stupid but i have to learn from somewhere lol. THanks again.
  11. Looking for Fairings for a 1990 ZX6

    Want to Buy
    Just purchased a 1990 ZX6 that was laid down and had just about every piece of plastic damaged. Can't say the previous owner knew what they were doing, but we'll try to correct things.
  12. SoCal Help

    West Coast
    I need to get my bike worked on... anyone out there know of some good spots? I need fork seals and a couple of other small things
  13. New owner/rider/painter/etc in Chicago area

    New Member Introductions
    I am a college student at niu doing various things to improve my bike for the cheapest price possible. 1999 ZX6R-G Black....(faded to a dark purple from sun exposure) Has a muzzy exhaust system (sounds amazing) I have tinted the windscreen (ask me how if you are interested for under $10)...
  14. Help!! Bike won't start!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey everyone. So the title says it all! I bought myself a 2000 Ninja ZX-6 last year as my first bike ever, and LOVE IT! I don't know how I could have ever lived without riding before! Problem is, as I'm sure all of you experienced drivers have already guessed, I was ill prepared for the winters...