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  1. Motorcycle Talk
    bikes slowly getting there, anyone on here know of some Cool mods I can make to make it look a bit sleeker? I am already thinking about changing the indicators, and trying to find a tail tidy... also where do you guys buy all your parts?:O
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    Does anybody know if or where I can get an Iridium Red visor for a Icon helmet? I have looked all over and can't find anything besides gold and chrome
  3. Pictures
    Just upgraded from a '12 250R that I rode for a little under a year. Boy what a difference. Super pumped about it. :banana: Gotta plug Arcadia Motorcycle Co out in Arcadia, CA. This is the 2nd bike I have bought from there. Quality and service are amazing. Let me know what you think of the...
  4. The ZX6R
    There are some special edition red rims from 2006 for example and others from 2008. Is there a difference in color between the red rims from different years or did they use the same color ? I have a front rim from a 06 and I'm getting a rear from a 2008 both in red and I'm just wondering if they...
  5. Videos
    Here is a video of my 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R, just a simple introduction to my youtube channel. There is also a previous video of my 2011 ZX6R that some asshole decided to take away while on my way to work one fine day. Warning my videos offend everyone....... VIN'S NEW NINJA LA...
  6. Angels and Demons

    Night pic of ZX6R vs my buddy's 600RR with our LEDs on
  7. First Day Riding

    My first day out riding my bike with full gear on! The jacket I have has C.E. certified elbow and shoulder pads. Has a back pad too but is not C.E. certified. It is a GREAT textile Jacket...I love it so far. Name of it is Speed and Strength Coast is Clear SX Jacket.
  8. Photography
    I put this in my newb post but thought I might lay it down here as well. Hope you like it!
1-8 of 8 Results