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  1. Classifieds
    (SOLD) 09-18 OEM rearsets Stock oem rearsets with about 2k miles on them. Also have rear pegs available. rearsets - $85 shipped pass pegs - $40 shipped or local pick up in KC, MO
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    Hi, just trying to fit some adjustable rearsets to my '07 zx6r. The brake cylinder on the new rearset is mounted a couple of inches farther forward than stock, and the brake hose from the caliper now won't reach. Does anyone know I could get one to fit off another model of bike? Not bothered...
  3. Mechanical and Technical
    I ride a 2007 zx6r i got a few months ago. i noticed that my rear brake pads were rubbing the other day so i lifted the bike up and took a look at it and they were indeed rubbing the brake disc as if they were slightly engaged. I proceeded to remove the caliper and took the pads out noticing...
  4. Mechanical and Technical
    So I was out riding with a group of friends last night heading back home on the 15 FWY to Victorville from San Bernardino. There's been heavy construction on this stretch of FWY for the past year. Well just my luck there happened to be a cone I didn't spot in time and although I managed to avoid...
  5. Want to Buy
    Hello fine folks! I'm new to the site and relatively new to riding (seldom rides over past 2 years due to new baby boy, etc.). Just added/installed yoshimura rs-5 carbon fiber slip on to my 05' 636, and really pumped. Bike is blue, but I'm 'blacking' out the majority of the bike less the front...
  6. Mechanical and Technical
    Hello KAWI WORLD, Im having issues with my rear lights...When i turn left my right rear light comes on and when i go right my left one doesnt work at all. It might be a simple fix and i might sound stupid but i have to learn from somewhere lol. THanks again.
  7. Mechanical and Technical
    Found a screw with my rear tire getting the tire fixed now and need to know the torque specs for the rear axle nut. 2011 ZX6R. And another question under the same regard. When reassembling do I have to use some sort of lube on the axle and spacers? Any tips are appreciated :)
  8. Want to Buy
    Hey guys im trying to find a Rear tail for my ZX6R, right now it has a track tail so no chance of putting a seat on it. Not really interested in having the key but it would help complete the setup. my wife really wants to ride with me, anyone know anyone with what im looking for?
  9. Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 07 zx6r ofcourse and im on the verge on getting these rearsets Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ZX 6R 07 08 Adjustable Rearsets | eBay and was wondering if this was a good idea or not. or if anyone has something else better in mind. or something cheaper that would work. lemme know please. lol this...
1-9 of 12 Results