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rear light

  1. LED Rear Light Issue

    Mechanical and Technical
    Will try to keep this as short and sweet as possible: Buddy had a cheap Chinese LED rear light installed on his 07 ZX6. The light started acting up, and eventually only half of the LED's would illuminate. I pulled off the light, heated it, and seperated the lens from the circuit board. Long...
  2. Electrical problems

    Mechanical and Technical
    Ok so I posted up a thread a week or two ago about my tail light on my 08 zx6r going out. So I found the fuse for the light, replaced it, and it worked. Then I noticed today that the light, is out...I bought a warranty for the bike so hopefully they will take care of it but if they try charging...
  3. 08 zx6r brake light problems

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, I've never posted any threads before so I hope this works lol...I have a 08 zx6r and the rear light just gave out. When I brake it doesn't turn on and actually it doesn't turn on period. I know that light is suppose to be always on like the headlights so i'm assuming that it is a fuse...