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  1. Mine

    This is my Ninja,98 but boy does it move well.
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    On my 08 ZX6R, occasionally when I hit the rear brake when slowing, I hear this clunk sound or pop somewhere right underneath me. It sounds like it may be from the right side but I know it's somewhere from the back I'd say. I'm not quite sure what it could be or if it's a problem or not. Most of...
  3. Mechanical and Technical
    I'm not getting any tension on my rear brakes on my 06' zx6r. Nor is the light coming on when i press them. The fluid is good. No leaking.. Brake pads are good. I've tried pumping them with no luck. I suspect it could be the master cylinder but i honestly dont know. Any ideas or similar problems?
  4. Stunting
    I want to make my 09 zx6r into a stunt bike I already know that I'm going to put a crash cage and a 12 bar on before I do any thing else, but I was wondering if anyone had some advice on a rear hand brake set up (is it really necessary) and what kind of sprocket setup should I go with?
  5. Want to Buy
    *clutch-cover w/ or w/o seal Part#: 14032 *stay, FR, RH Part#: 35063 There is a diagram of these two parts available @ http://www.babbittsonline.com/pages/parts/viewbybrand/9/Kawasaki.aspx If anybody has any of these spare parts or now where to get them really cheap please let me...
1-5 of 5 Results