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  1. United Kingdom
    Hi all, Very random thread to start but just got my bike back on the road for the year having just moved house. My route to work is quite rural to start and has a reasonably shallow ford / stream with a reasonably steep concrete ramp down and back up to the road that obviously I had no...
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    So I was bored, school doesn't start for me until the 17th so I decided to try building a little ramp. I actually think I did a good job since I only built this little ramp to make the oil changes. I might try doing a rear one but will see. Sorry if the pics look crappy I took them from my iphone.
  3. The ZX6R
    does anyone have any advice on practicing cornering? as of right now i feel like i slow down way too much before hitting a corner its quite aggrivating but im not trying to ride out of my limits, is it just fear? my only method of practicing now is my ride to work in the mornings i try to hit...