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  1. 2010 ZX-6R Supersport Legal Engine Rebuild (Race)

    Mechanical and Technical
    Heyo! Raced a great and full season in 2018 and my 2010 ZX6R has served me exceedingly well! It has approximately 16k miles on the clock and with the off-season here the the inability to road race here in the Pacific Northwest, the blues are setting in! However, this does mean I have some time...
  2. Some gear ???'s

    I just bought a Sedici Trento race suit. Was wondering if anyone had tried replacing the stock foam shoulder and elbow armor with some alpinestars or dainese upgraded/hard shell armor? I use the hard shell spine protector from my Icon Regulator vest for right now, and so far its workin great...
  3. First post

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone- I have had and ridden zx6r since 2012. I ride canyons in Southern California and track all over California. I have searched the forum for a detailed install instruction for Bazzaz Zfi Tc qs - but have had no luck. Don't shoot me down too hard since this is my first forum post...
  4. Sizing question?

    Hey all, just looking for some advice on suit sizing. I'm 5' 10" 155 lbs, sort of on the lean to moderately athletic build side of things.. Was wondering what you all think about trying to fit a size 40 suit? I have my first trackday coming up and have never sized a suit before (don't have any...
  5. 2012 ZX6R track build help

    I'm looking to convert my zx6r to a strictly track (maybe one day race) bike. As of now it's stock with the exception of m4 gp slipon and hotbodies race body. It has 3700 miles. I'm fairly inexperienced at the track so power mods aren't a priority. What should my first couple investments be?
  6. 07-08 ZX6R Race Plastics Needed

    Want to Buy
    Specifically, I need the belly for an Armour Bodies Set. However, I am open to purchasing a full set of another make, Please message me thank you. [email protected]
  7. McLaren MP4 vs ZX6R

    Motorcycle Talk
    Today I saw this bad ass McLaren MP4 in the road. I had to tell the guy how nice his car was. Pretty cool dude and his wife or whatever she was bomb! Well the old man decided to test my skills and gave it a go at the red light. It wasn't really a race, i quickly move past him and slow down, he...
  8. Zx6r (636 2006)

    The ZX6R
    Hello everyone. I have a zx6r 363 2006 C1H model and I'm getting in to racing the year. I have my first race in march and I need a belly pan that complies with ACU Standards. By this I mean it has to be a race belly pan with a min of a 2'' drain hole and it needs to hold a min of 5L of liquid...
  9. Absurd Deal

    Motorcycle Talk
    Last night I was able to gain exclusive afterhours access to a yearly sale before the it opens its doors to the public tomorrow. This is what I was able to score: Brand new one piece race suit, $1200 marked down to $550 Back brace, $150 marked down to $25 Armored race gloves, $150 marked down...
  10. Progression of Your Bike's Look

    I thought it would be interesting to have a collection of pics from people that have customized their bike and a before/after collection of pics. Whether you needed new fairings, or just wanted to change the look of your bike in a major way let's see what you have done. If you have just changed...
  11. Fitting race fairing with stock headlight

    Motorcycle Talk
    Okay, Before anybody else tells me...I'm new here so hi everybody! I'm about to go get a wrecked 2005 636 tomorrow and It needs a new fairing. I was wondering since I work in a autobody shop could I fit the oem light and brakets with a race fairing to make it street legal?I wana buy a racing kit...
  12. Who's Going to Moto GP at Laguna Seca This Weekend?

    Motorcycle Talk
    I know there are a good number of people on here from California, and was just curious how many of you guys are gonna be at Laguna this weekend? And if you aren't going, why the hell not? It is going to be an awesome time! :D: There are 3 in my group going up from Santa Barbara and meeting up...
  13. Converting bike to a track weapon

    So I know not that many people really give a crap about other people's builds unless they are trying to learn something. But I am spending a lot of money on parts and time so I figured what the hell, why not post it up. There have already been a lot of great builds on this forum so far, and...
  14. Electrical help needed 05-06!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Ok guys, I need help with an electrical problem that I have created for myself. I am a complete doughnut when it comes to electrical, obviously, so I am hoping there are a few sparkys out there that can help out. I have an 05 636 that I am building as a track bike, and its just about complete...
  15. 05-06 zx6r aftermarket clutch covers!!

    Does ANYONE make an aftermarket clutch cover for the 05-06 zx6? I cant find them anywhere, and to be honest it's a tough bike overall to find race parts for. Gets kinda frustrating. :headbang:
  16. ZX6R from Visalia CA.

    New Member Introductions
    Nice to see fellow riders and enthusiast! Hit me up lets talk bikes, cage fighting or just about anything else you guys are into! I'm 19, I cage fight and race. I just hit 186mph down Mooney (our cities main strip) went right passed a cop who just waved me on. WOW. I'm part of a riding group...
  17. Painting with Duplicolor paint shop candy green

    I know a LOT of people want to know how it is and what it is like. I found pics n such on everything but the candy colors. I wanted orange but stuck with kawi green. it is actually very nice after you wet sand and HAND BUFF. If you use a buffer you will burn fast. You need at least 3...