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race bodywork

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    Can anybody give me detailed instructions on how to remove the headlight, tail light, left side switches (turn signals/horn/etc) and kickstand from the wiring harness on a 2009-2012 zx6r so I can ditch the OEM fairings for race bodywork on my dedicated track bike? Thanks in advance!
  2. Racing
    Hey Guys/Gals! Figured I would start a thread on the "New" bike I acquired to be my track day motorcycle. my thought process was that if I knew I had a clean well running machine for my everyday riding then I could buy a less appealing motorcycle and really push myself to the limit when I go to...
  3. Racing
    So, I've heard quite a few negative things about Hotbodies race bodywork around here over the years, but I've got an opportunity to buy a set at about half the regular price (brand new). It's a bit of a long story how this happened, but I could get a brand new set for about $350 which seems like...
  4. Want to Buy
    Hey guys, In preparation for the upcoming riding season, I am in need of some good track fairings. They dont have to be perfect but still in good condition (no cracks or rash). Paint or unpainted is fine with me. thanks, Contact me either through private message or email at [email protected]
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    On the fence here, looking for advice. Seems like the hotbodies stuff is hit or miss. however me and another member are thinking about going in halfsies on the BOGO free deal which equals out to less than $400 for a full race fairing set. To me, I have a long, boring winter without riding.. so...