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  1. Pictures
    I got a new sponsor for the 2016 race season and they wrapped my bike :D My old 2002 crappy looking matte black zx6r became a beauty. The wrap was done by Dirty Boys Graphics and Wraps in Barrie, On. Before After
  2. The Build Thread
    I wasn't initially sure whether or not I wanted to post a build thread so I haven't taken many pictures that clearly show the process. I will start to do so moving forward. I also haven't positioned myself in the ZX10r forums with the same enthusiasm as I have here and wasn't sure how...
  3. The Build Thread
    Hello All, This will be the start of a Project bike to transform the ZX6R into a ZX6RR. I will update it as I do stuff the bike. It will be street legal but race ready. If you have any questions pm. So it begins.... All Stock This is a thread I started and transferring over.
  4. Racing
    Hi there folks, my first post! Something I've been looking into for a while is changing the normal race bodywork seat unit on my bike for something that looks like the old Moto GP Kawasaki seat unit. I've seen it done on google images but can't find anywhere on the net that sells these units...
  5. Racing
    I've got a P8F 2008 race bike, and I can't get it to handle. It's SO stiff. Main problem is the rear. Front I can adjust out, but the rear just wont work. I've got an Ohlins remote reservoir shock, standard linkage, and a 90 (9.0) spring. Ohlins assure me I should use a 95 (9.5) but we took that...
  6. The ZX6R
    Some of you may have seen some of my pics of my project, but I know I love looking at new pics uploaded! So here's my 2005 ZX-636 that I purchased as an insurance write-off, and am currently building for the track. Thanks to 09-ZX6-R for some recent electrical help too. Enjoy! P.S. Please add...