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  1. BRAKE PROBS Newbie, 2015 ZX6R 30th An. Edition

    Mechanical and Technical
    I've had this bike for about a year since I've had it I've had to pump the front brakes to use them. For example, when I come to a stop and squeeze the handle there's nothing, I have to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze then they finally work. I've bled them, don't know what else to do. Someone said...
  2. ZX6R 2016 Oil leaked out of nowhere!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello riders, yesterday I went for a ride and got into some trouble with my baby:frown all of a sudden got the red light come on and I see the temp went up to 230 and was going up super fast, obviously I stopped immediately to see what the problem was and realized that the bike is leaking oil...
  3. 0304 636 6k rpm stutter.

    Mechanical and Technical
    Okay guys, 0304 636. Recent rebuilt top end. Dyno shows that it's killing fuel and spark around 6k rpm at any throttle position. Sensors have been swapped, throttle bodies and ignition coils swapped as well. Tested cam position sensor and crank position sensor. Also idles a little rough. Plugs...
  4. 04 shutting off tried everything

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello i am new here, and forums in general.. i usually just look up another discussion about the same problem but ive tried all the remedys on other threads.. I have an 04 zx6 with pc that is shutting off suddenly while riding. Its immediate. No bog down. No fi or oil lights until its already...
  5. Need help!!:/

    Mechanical and Technical
    Any of you guys know where these go?? Or what are they for??
  6. 2007 zx6r problems

    The ZX6R
    im thinking about buying an 07 zx6r with 10,000km on it. I checked it out and it's in decent shape, it's lowered about 1.5 inched for the current owner who is a girl. Anything I should watch out for before buying?
  7. Yikes! Blasting oil from air clean system oil receiver.

    Mechanical and Technical
    This occurred on my '09 ZX6-R9F recently: So about a day ago as I did my pre-work bike check I noticed that something seemed unusual about the way my bike was idling. With no FI light on, no oil or fuel or coolant on the ground, and no strange odors or smoke I decided to head down the street...
  8. Suggestions for 09 zx6r engine

    The ZX6R
    Hello all, I was looking for some advice on possible issues on my bike. I have been hearing somewhat of a ticking noise coming from my engine. At first I checked the cam chain tensioner and adjusted it, however the noise did not go away. I then checked my valves, I believe 2-3 were out of spec...
  9. starts but won't shift to 1st

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 07 zx6r with 10k miles on in I bought it today and I rode it for a while with no problems, but later when I came back to ride I'll start it but when I shift to 1st to take off it stalks out would it be the clutch cable or something worse.
  10. Running led strip issue.

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have two led strips attached to my brake light in this form: remember i have two strips not just one. The black (-) runs to the neg on the battery. This set up runs the led strips at 8v and when the brake is pushed (same as your brake light) they light up. Only problem i have is one led strip...
  11. Common problems on a 2007 zx-6r?

    The ZX6R
    I was looking into buying a 2007 zx-6r but wanted to know common problems to look for. I know that this year had problems with the head gasket covers (which if I have them changed does that fix the problem?) but wanted to know if there was anything else I should know about. I was also looking...
  12. Bike wont rev to high rpm's, no power.. WHY??!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a 2001 zx6r J1. Initially the bike ran fine, I have put about 500 miles on it since I got it. One day, out of the blue, started the bike and the exhaust sounded really low pitched like a v twin. The bike ran but would not go over about 10,000 rpm's. All I...
  13. Not all cops are diks

    Motorcycle Talk
    I was on my way back from the Casino, and I won $100. I was happy as hell on my way home but all of the sudden my bike gets stock in 5th and 6th gear and it won't go any lower than that. My first reaction was not to panic. I tried the clutch and it seemed to be working fine, so I figure it must...
  14. 2002 Kawasaki ZX-6R Won't Crank?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey everyone. Recently I had to take my bike completely apart because the original frame was bent. So of course I tore the bike down to nothing. After an hour of taking things apart I finally got the new frame in and every bolted to it (swing arm, forks, engine). I knew I would have major...
  15. mix reactions after first ride of the year

    Adventure Rides
    So I finally have my bike ready to go, I have a 2007 zx6r. New levelers, an oil change, ignitions system and my taillight is working again. I spend the whole weekend fixing my toy. So I decide to take it for a spin earlier today and everything went great. I end up at the near at a casino, met...
  16. 08 zx6r revving problems

    Mechanical and Technical
    When I start my bike it will only rev to 12k rpm. Then after I ride for a few minutes it will only go to 10k then 8k. Finally it will stay at a max rev of 6k or 7k and I am stuck on the interstate barely going 65mph. If I turn it off and start it again it will go right back to 12k, but then do...
  17. noise coming from the back 08 ninja

    Mechanical and Technical
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- my 08 ninja has been sitting for 2 years and now ive finally got it running again i replaced the battery and now when i turn the ignition (just enough for all the lights to come on) i hear a knocking sound coming...
  18. HID problems! help?

    The ZX6R
    Recently picked up an 01 ZX-6R for cheap that seems to be a bit of a lemon. Anyhow, it supposedly had an HID conversion done, but the headlights won't turn on at all. I currently have the fairings off so I could try to get a look at what was done, and this is what I've noticed; -bulbs look...
  19. 2005 ZX6R something tapping

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi everyone I am new to this and was wondering what my tapping might be. Whenever I am going and I pull in my clutch I feel a tap on my feet through my pegs. I also hear it and I can't tell if it is coming from the motor or maybe my chain is slapping the swingarm. Any input would be greatly...
  20. Lost power/bogging while heavy on the gas

    The ZX6R
    Whenever I go to pin it or go even close to full throttle I can feel times when the bike is running full power but half the time the bike stutters and loses power. I have the 2001 zx6r so its running off a carburator. Anyone know whats wrong? Thanks