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  1. Rizoma accents

    Had to do a little tinkering to get these right. I custom fitted the bar ends and had a friend mount the brake fluid reservoir.
  2. Getting There

    Put some levers and new bar ends on to class her up.
  3. Pazzo Shorty Levers on 04 ZX6R

    Black with red adjustment dials. Way better than the stock ones it came with.
  4. Motorcycle Talk
    Hi guys, I'll be making my way to Pittsburg at the beginning of August for three days and I'm looking to grab a few things for my bike (I live in Beirut Lebanon - where everything is a lot more expensive). If not Pittsburg, Panama City Panama is a better option - I'll be there for ten days -...
  5. The ZX6R
    Hi all, So i have been offered some pazzo levers for my zaki, although they were made for a zx10r of the same year. do they use the same master cylinder/lever?? and the same question for the entire 03-04 range ie. Zeds, zx10rs, zx6rs or even later ranges... Cheers, Matt
1-5 of 6 Results