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  1. Random Part not listed in tech drawings

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi All I don't know if anyone can help but as i was removing the fairing from the tail of my C1H zx-6r this part fell off i have no idea where its from or what it does. I've attached the images I've taken. Now I've spent the last 2 hours looking at technical drawings of the bike and i can...
  2. Lost My Exhaust Need a New One

    Want to Buy
    Hey Guys! so i had a TwoBros Black Series on my bike. Went down after a bone head mechanic failed to properly install my new levers :coocoo Brakes Locked! i went over the top...Not very fun:O Anyway my Exhaust fell off and im in desperate need of a replacement Slip-on i dont have the OEM. if...
  3. ISO 09-12 zx6r Forks

    Want to Buy
    Looking for a set of Forks for a 2012 Zx6r. Any one have any or can lead me in the right direction it would be highly appreciated. Thank You!
  4. new member and have a question

    New Member Introductions
    hi everyone i have a 2003 zx6r i am trying to find a fuel tank that will fit my bike that does not cost an arm and a leg thanks for any help and im glad to be in this forum.

    Mechanical and Technical
    Ladies and gentlemen! Yet again, I seek your great help. I have low sided due to rain a few days ago, the damage is minimal but I do need the OEM rear fairing, as well as the left handlebar that holds all controls. Please, if you have any of those parts laying around, let me know. I am...
  6. WTB parts for 09-12 zx6r!!

    Want to Buy
    Hey all, looking for some parts for a 2010 zx6r! -OEM Fairings (preferably a complete set) or a reasonable set of aftermarket fairings -Left rear set -Left clip on -Left mirror -front seat -right turn signal Let me know what you have. Thanks!:)
  7. Used Parts Needed ZX-6RR from 2006

    Mechanical and Technical
    What's up ladies and gentlemen? During last season I had an issue with my muffler falling out and burning all my undertail and tail fairings... Not to mention already burnt lower belly fairings from MAF sensor malfunction which lead to overheated pipes which caused the burn. I have a few other...
  8. Used 2007 ZX6R Help

    Mechanical and Technical
    I bought a 2007 zx6r a couple a months a go and I love it but while I'm doing work on it noticed a part that I've never seen before on a bike and was wondering if any of you knew? If you do can you let me know what it is and what it is for. Much appreciated.
  9. Black Friday ZX6R

    New Member Introductions
    I didnt do the traditional American Black Friday this year. I didn't get up at 4am just to go stand in the freezing cold for hours waiting for a store to open just to save a few bucks. Instead I went to one of my local motorcycle dealerships and got a great deal on a new 2013 zx6r. I live...
  10. Need Help IDing Part

    Mechanical and Technical
    While I was doing an oil change today I noticed a loose part hanging from the right side under the left side fairing. I'm not sure where it belongs or attaches to. Bike runs smooth with no problems. As of now. Any help will be appricate. 2002 ZX-6E
  11. Salvage/Parting out 1997 ZX6R

    The ZX6R
    Drunk driver took out and totaled my Ninja ZX6R while it was parked at home and I was working down in Long Beach. I'm in LA/Studio City. Motor most likely still in working condition as most damages were primarily cosmetic or confined to front forks. Tires were replaced in December. Wheels should...
  12. need 05 zx6r fairings and parts please! uk!

    United Kingdom
    in need of all these parts for my 2005 Kawasaki zx6r c1h if anyone has, or knows someone who has them! top fairing left and right side fairings belly pan ram intake all fairing brackets to mount them to the bike. and a standard top yoke. will pay for postage or collect if won't post! looking...
  13. Part Needed - #2 and #3 plug wires

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello helpers, I need you. I have a 1996 ZX6r (F) in need of the #2 and #3 wires AND boots for the ignition coil. If anybody out there has them, I will by them (and not at a ridiculous price) used or "like" new. I bought a coil + wires on Ebay, but they were for a 98 and to short to fit my bike...
  14. WTB: 2009-2011 ZX6R Parts

    Want to Buy
    Hey guys I'm in need of parts for my 2009-2011 ZX6R. Was wondering if you guys might have them? If so please text 513-535-9811 1. Front Rim (Preferably black and must be straight) 2. Front Fender (Lime green or black) 3. Nose Cowl (Lime Green) 4. Bottom left fairing (black) 5. Right fairing...
  15. WTB 05/06 zx6r or zx6rr radiator

    Want to Buy
    I am looking to buy an undamaged radiator from the 05/06 generation zx6r or zx6rr. If you have a radiator or know someone that is selling one please pm me. Thanks
  16. zx636 2003-2004 frame

    Want to Buy
    I am searching for a 0-04 frame and under triple tree.:idea:
  17. Looking for a alternator / generator cover for my 2002 zx6r any ideas ??

    The ZX6R
    Im new please help, my generator cover has a slight crack in it and is leaking oil so need to sort this before i can ride it again, im dying using 4 wheels someone please help as to where i can find 1. and also how do i upload pics to profile??:coocoo
  18. Need Help Finding some replacement Fairings

    The ZX6R
    Have a plasma blue '06 636 that I thumped into a curb and lowsided :unhappy: The scratches aren't bad on the front fairings as I was going exceptionally slow when the curb jumped up and got me...But somehow I got a wicked crack in the rear fairing (the part that goes under the rear seat). I'd...
  19. Exhaust help ????????

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 07 zx6r, I've been lookin at exhaust pipes and am completely lost on what I want. Any suggestions would be great. Keep in mind my exhaust comes out underneath my tail.
  20. Wtb 2002 zx6r parts

    Hey guys, ive got a 2002 Ninja zx6r project bike that im fixing up just wondering if anyone has any parts or something wrecking lying around they can sell me parts off. Thanks Guys