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    ============================================================== Post Update: 10/14/16 - only some parts remain, have sold about half. See last post for more info. ============================================================== Hi guys, As some of you may know, I was selling my 2013 ZX6R (this...
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    Hey guys, Check out my FS ad in the classifieds. I am local to Toronto, and don't want to deal with shipping to the states. All stuff has minor wear and tear, but otherwise in good condition. Cheers, -t http://zx6r.com/classifieds/35672-fs-canadian-06-zx-6r-part-out-make-offer.html
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    First off I want to thank all of you who wished me well. The doctor and cops said it was a miracle I only have soft tissue damage and a fracture on my ankle. So I'm stuck off work for a week and can't stop looking for my next 2 wheels. I saw this bike posted up for $5,500 with 7,600 miles. I am...