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  1. My recent awesome stuff

    Motorcycle Talk
    I went on a kind of spending binge the last few weeks (well to me at least to some of you its not that much). Anyways i got some cortech latigo boots(145$ish) Which I'm really impressed with. I also got some fieldsheer sport 2.0 pants(175$), and a fieldsheer tatt jacket (like 235$). Lastly I...
  2. Lean Angle Jeans - Stay Tuned!

    Motorcycle Talk
    Fellow riders don't realize the outcome of an accident while wearing regular denim jeans (article): http://hellforleathermagazine.com/2012/10/why-wearing-jeans-on-a-motorcycle-is-a-really-bad-idea/ A good friend of mine is currently producing a solution for the motorcycle denim jeans market...
  3. Riding pants

    Motorcycle Talk
    Im about to buy some leather riding pants and was wondering if joe rocket speedmaster 5.0 are decent? And also perferated vs non perf. Thanks