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  1. Is International Paint Suppliers a trusted company?

    Motorcycle Talk
    Hi, I am considering re-spraying my motorbike and was wondering if anyone has had any experience shopping on this website? Custom Car Paint and Industrial Paint Suppliers - Are they trusted? Thanks for any reply, Regards, Elliot.
  2. 3d CAD Drawings

    The ZX6R
    Was not sure where to put this post so adding it here. Does anyone know where to get cad drawings of the zx-6r? anything with a 3d model of the bike. I am thinking about doing custom paint and decals so a 3d model of the bike would be something great to draw on to give me a better...
  3. Paint Chip 2015

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, One month after getting my brand new 30th anniversary edition kawasaki zx6r, a piece of the paint chipped off of the gas tank. I noticed after my 600 mile tune up, but no way to tell if it happened then. Any advice on something I can do to fix this? Warranty folks would laugh at me...
  4. DC North VA fairing paint shop recomendation

    East Coast
    Anyone have any recommendations for a good paint shop for my armour bodies fairings in the D.C. And northern Virginia area? Also recommendations for a paint scheme with red on White is welcome.
  5. Possible paint job, need advice!!!

    United Kingdom
    Hi guys, First post! Need some advice. I'm thinking about starting a little Ninja project, I'll be buying a zx636 2005 in a couple of weeks (Once I've sold my J1) and have had an idea but some people have said it'll look awful whilst other say it'll look awesome! So the plan would be to paint...
  6. What do you think of this bike design?

    The ZX6R
    Hi guys, I'm considering redesigning the appearance of my '09 ZX6R. The first pic will by my bike as it currently is, with the second pic being my photoshopped plan. I used a stock photo for the photoshop job, so ignore the stock exhaust. I will obviously be keeping the M4 GP. I also already...
  7. Progression of Your Bike's Look

    I thought it would be interesting to have a collection of pics from people that have customized their bike and a before/after collection of pics. Whether you needed new fairings, or just wanted to change the look of your bike in a major way let's see what you have done. If you have just changed...
  8. Custom Paint

    The ZX6R
    starting to airbrush a couple of guys helmets, wanted to know what yall thought. i have my bike and my GF's bike sanded down now so there both about to get some custom paint too. i wouldn't mind making some extra cash so if you guys want a custom paint job on yer helmet or something shoot me a...
  9. Holy paint spill batman!!!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Oivey...:headbang: My wife decided to store paint in a wall storage unit above my bike. I live in a townhouse complex so my house is attached to the next. My neighbour decided to get a punching bag and the vibrations of him using it caused a small paint can to tip over and spill over my bike...
  10. Worst morning EVER!!! OPINIONS NEEDED :/

    Mechanical and Technical
    So today was a beautiful day, hit about 53F after a long stretch of cold 20's, so what better thing to do than go for a ride? I woke up this morning went to check on ma girl and she was on her side :mad This is the damage: Cracked Front Left Footrest Mounting Bracket Nicked tail Scuffed up...
  11. Should I??

    The ZX6R
    Hey guys any opinion is greatly appreciated, my bike was dropped before I got it and I just took the fairings off the side the top and bottom to get repainted, I was thinking of having him do the bottom piece synergy green same green on the new chevy Camaro (it's like lime green) idk if this...
  12. Painting with Duplicolor paint shop candy green

    I know a LOT of people want to know how it is and what it is like. I found pics n such on everything but the candy colors. I wanted orange but stuck with kawi green. it is actually very nice after you wet sand and HAND BUFF. If you use a buffer you will burn fast. You need at least 3...
  13. carbon fiber<3

    The ZX6R
    how hard would it be to do a little carbon fiber paint job on something small like the front fender? i've been slowly converting small parts of my bike to the carbon fiber look. gonna rig up a custom hugger (any info on this would be greatly appreciated) and want to match the hugger and the...
  14. Sharpie Helmet

    Sharpie Helmet

    This is a helmet i sharpied for work. my boss is letting me sharpie his v-rod now!
  15. Full tank cover

    The ZX6R
    hey im new to the forum. i have a 2001 zx6r and i am looking for a full tank cover because the fairings are not the same color as the gas tank? anyone know where i can purchase 1?
  16. New owner/rider/painter/etc in Chicago area

    New Member Introductions
    I am a college student at niu doing various things to improve my bike for the cheapest price possible. 1999 ZX6R-G Black....(faded to a dark purple from sun exposure) Has a muzzy exhaust system (sounds amazing) I have tinted the windscreen (ask me how if you are interested for under $10)...