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  1. 2016 kawasaki zx6r wont start

    The ZX6R
    Aloha everyone, just joined the group. Lets make this short and sweet. Went on a cruise. Stopped two minutes in to get gas. Rode down the hwy for 6 minutes then the bike bogs out and dies on me (lights still on). I coast down the road and off to the shoulder.. I towed it home. It's been 2 months...
  2. Engine check light turns on when crusining in 5th or 6th gear

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello, So I recently bought a 2015 zx6r fully stock. Equipped it with a decat pipe and akrapovic slip on but left the catalytic converters inside the headers. To compliment all of that I installed servo buddy and a o2 sensor eliminator, so that bike wouldn't run lean ( probably need a PC5 nad...
  3. Who said that commute can’t be fun?

    I love riding my2019 ZX6R. I commute on my bike every day. Hopefully next week I’ll have time to ride some canyons, but for now, here are some of my commute videos, where I’m just trying to have some fun. Please subscribe if you like my videos. There are more to come.
  4. LED Dual Hi/Low Beam Install on '03 Ninja ZX-6R 636

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey Guys! Let me begin by wishing you all a Happy New Year! I have an '03 Ninja ZX-6R 636 that I am wanting to install LEDs in. I already have an idea of the LED Conversion Kit (H7 Bulbs) I want to install (See the following URL: FluxBeam Motorcycle LED Headlight - OPT7). I am wondering if...
  5. For Sale 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6RR ZX-6RR - Denver, Colorado

    2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6RR (ZX6RR) Location: Denver, CO I purchased this bike in the fall of 2013 with 24k on it. It now sits at 35,776 and has performed flawlessly and has been well maintained ever since. Don't be scared of slightly higher miles than average, my Vstrom has over 70k and is...
  6. Track Bodywork to Street Bodywork

    Mechanical and Technical
    I uploaded this video to youtube of my removing my track bodywork and replacing it with the street bodywork after my track day, and my buddy thought it would be a good idea to post it here. So, here it is, for everyone's viewing pleasure. Just in case anyone was curious. Hope everyone's weeks...
  7. For Sale 2009 zx6r | $6800

    I spend more time cleaning the dust off it than I do riding it. Bike runs strong and has a solid setup. Looking at buying a house soon and an extra down payment wont hurt. I may have missed a few things and I will add them if I remember. Also have a trackaddix track day I can include with a...
  8. Halo's on my 96 ZX6R

    The ZX6R
    I'm really into halo lights but I'm not sure if I can get them for my bike... ive searched all on the internet but no luck. I have a 96 ZX6R, anyone know if I could get halos for my bike?
  9. 04 zx6r startup issue

    Mechanical and Technical
    I just filled up my bike with a local husky 91 octane and I went for a little cruise and the bike ran fine but after it sputtered really bad to the point where I couldn't ride anymore. I ended up pulling over at a chevron and it wouldn't idle right and would die eventually so I drained the tank...
  10. 03-04 zx6r

    Want to Buy
    Looking for 03-04 zx6r. Running or not. CHEAP! MUST have clean title! Long Island, NY - closer the better. Any help is appreciated!
  11. WTF?!? Is this suppose to happen?

    The ZX6R
    So I had a guy pull up behind me... and he must have boogied to catch up, to tell me that my plate was loose. Pulled off the hwy to find the metal torn off the bracket at the bolt thread. I can't imagine it to be metal fatigue, as the plate is barely a year old and is secured with an actual...
  12. Got screwed by dealer

    The ZX6R
    Hey so i know I'm pretty stupid but what are your guy's opinion on this. So i bought my 2013 zx6r a few months ago from a dealership and on the website it said the bike had ABS and and the sheet that was attached to the bike it said it did too. My father was with me and can verify that the...
  13. How much should I pay?

    The ZX6R
    Hey guys!! I have a 2014 ninja 300 now and looking to but a zx6r! I was wondering if I could get your input on prices. A dealership near me has a 2013 and 2014 abs model listed for 9500. I haven't contacted them yet because I don't want to have them calling a lot like when I bought my 300. I was...
  14. 2012 Ninja ZX-6R

    2012 Ninja ZX-6R

  15. 06 zx6r

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everybody. Im new here. I own a ninja 636 from the 06'. My ninja has a problem. And i have no idea what it is. This is what happens. It turns on like no prob. But rpms are very low untill it warms up. Then it is fine. I cant raise the rpms when its cold because then when it warms up it will...
  16. New user & rider

    New Member Introductions
    Whats going everybody!?! Names Connor and last summer I bought a 2001 Ninja zx6r. My baby is a little banged up. The previous owner didn't take very good care of her but I'm healing those wounds. Pretty sure it was a stunt bike, but no real confirmation. Anyways, I'm always looking for good...
  17. 2008 ZX6R Power Commander Issues+other issues

    Mechanical and Technical
    Just recently purchased a 2008 ZX6R. I was new to the whole feel of the bike, my prev. ones were a 03 636 and an 02 F4I. Prev owner stated that it had sat for almost 4 weeks. Upon purchasing this 08 ZX6, the bike started up correctly, FI light (red) blinking and no problems at all from my...
  18. My 2013 ZX6R

    The ZX6R
    Instagram @giorios
  19. My 2013 ZX6R (6 of the month entry)

    Ninja 6 of the Month
    For more photos check out my Instagram @giorios