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new york safety track

  1. Racing
    Anyone gonna be at NYST this weekend? This will make my 8th track day of the year and I am bringing a buddy along for his first time out on a racetrack! He rides a 2008 ZX6 so he is good company :thumbs-up:
  2. Racing
    Hey guys, Here is my last session of the day from this past Sunday. I am still riding with white group as this is only my 5th track day ever and only my second day at NYST, but I think I held my own. Fast forward to the 2 min mark to skip my warm up lap. Also, in lap 4 coming over that...
  3. Racing
    Biting the bullet and heading up to NYST for track days on June 8th and 9th. They still dont (and wont) have electricity, and since there isnt much in the area in terms of lodging, we are just gonna camp out. Hell, for $20 a day, I really cant complain. All freshly laid tarmac, and I hear...
  4. Racing
    Anyone been up to NY Safety Track for a track day or race? There is an open track weekend on June 8th and 9th and I am considering making the trek up there, but would like to hear some ride reports first. Looks pretty gnarley with blind corners and severe elevation changes.