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need help!

  1. Youtube Channel

    Hi guys, wanted to let everybody know about my Youtube channel. I've got MotoVlog's and How-to video's there for you guys to check out. Hit the link below and don't forget to Subscribe. Link to Channel: Timmy Torque
  2. First bike need help

    Mechanical and Technical
    I got a 2006 636 and need a new clutch cover. the gasket used in the 03-04 is the exact same as used in the 05-06. Would using a cover for the 03-04 model work on my 06?
  3. Difference Between 2009 & 2011 ZX6r

    New Member Introductions
    Hi Every one, I got the doe and i am ready to go and buy a new ZX6r. At first i was thining to get a 2009 as it would cost me $8000 OTD where as a 2011 would cost me $10500 OTD here in Charlotte NC. But one sales person told he that 2011 has 8 more HP compared to 2009. Is that ture? I am a...