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  1. Looking for help!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have just recently purchased a 06 ZX6R 636 and I use to for a daily commuter on a lot of highway travel and I was wanting to set up the gearing for the best mpg’s. So my question is what is the biggest front sprocket that you can put on the front and the smallest you can put on the back...
  2. starting/flooding issue 1995 ZX6R

    The ZX6R
    I recently started riding and purchased a 1995 ZX6R about a month ago. I have been having some problems starting the bike in the morning (i use the bike to go to work). When I first press the start button i can hear the starter crank over, and the engine barely try to start. After i hit the...
  3. ONLY 32 mpg!

    Mechanical and Technical
    So I just recently bought a 2003 ZX6RR. It had a couple electrical issues with it but I fixed them (almost all). However, there are two new things that ive noticed 1. The reserve light does not come on when it should, or it comes on when I got about 1 mile left. 2. For some reason it seems im...
  4. Bad MPG and fuel cleaner

    The ZX6R
    Hey Guys, So my 03 zx6r's been getting really shitty mileage. it's been 28mpg, 29mpg, and now 25mpg. I've only filled up on chevron gas so its none of that shitty arco / 7 eleven gas. 15k tuneup has already been done and everything's in sync. I installed APE manual cct cuz the stock broke. The...