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    Put together some of my footage of some of my rides with friends in the N GA mountains. Thought some of you might appreciate. I've sold my ZX6R since then, but figured some of you might enjoy it anyway. GTMC North Georgia Mountains 720p on Vimeo Watch in HD!
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    Followed some buddies on HWY 8 and some roads to Danbury, NC up to Blue ridge parkway. I didn't know the turns leading up to where we had to go so I stayed behind my buddy's Ducatti 748 and my other buddy's HD cruiser... Ha, its kinda funny though. Dudes like 24 years old and drives a HD. Oh...
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    Hey guys/gals! I'm trying to find out if there are any people in the central Canada... area that would possibly like to meet up probably next year hahaha cause winter is coming soon, as you would know if you live here :P I think it would be a great time, just to get together and... well, what...