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  1. Back Brake Reservoir Mount Location

    The ZX6R
    What is the piece called that the reservoir mounts to? Mine is cracked and I need to get a new one.
  2. ZX6R G1 Phone Mount?

    I've been looking for a phone mount for a while now but I've not found anything suitable. The main problem here being the frame that holds the screen is in the way, so I can't mount anything to the center bolt. Ideally it would be something that sit on, or spans the frame? Anyone have any...
  3. Gimbal system for GoPro mounting on tank

    I have been using the GoPro suction cup on my tank to record videos from a somewhat POV perspective. I want to get a Gimbal system that can display the lean of the bike when going around tight corners. I want to try to keep it on the tank if possible, never seeing this set up, I'm not exactly...
  4. Anyone used this satnav mount on their 2005 zx6r

    The ZX6R
    Just wondering if anyone has used this yoke mount for their satnav - I'm interested in buying it but want to make sure it will be right. Any reviews or other option are appreciated guys - thanks The Telferizer Custom Motorcycle RAM mounts for GPS Systems
  5. License plate mounting 2007 ZX 6R

    The ZX6R
    Hey guys, my used 07 Zx 6R came without a license plate mount. I dont know where to install the plate. Any suggestions? Here's how it looks right now: