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  1. Just bought a 03 636, running bad, help.

    Mechanical and Technical
    Got the bike from a friend yesterday, first ride I noticed a almost constant miss. It's been sitting for about 2 years, and had old gas in it. He changed the oil, cleaned the gas tank, and put a new battery in it before selling it to me. I plan on changing the oil again after a few miles to make...
  2. starting issues

    The ZX6R
    been having some problems recently with my 2000 zx6r, when starting it, it seems like it only wants to turn over half of the time, and when i do get it fired up it has a misfire.. i replaced my plugs, funny thing is this all started happening when i replaced my battery a couple weeks ago.. its...
  3. Throttle Acting Up

    Mechanical and Technical
    I just bought a 2006 636 and the gas tank was full of rust. I did the bbs and MEK to remove as much as I could. I also took out the fuel pump and cleaned it out as well. Then I put some 93 octane non ethanol gas in it along with 1/4 bottle of seafoam. I did all this because it was acting like it...
  4. Misfire...please help

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi, im marcus. Purchurched my 1998 ZX6R few months ago now and its always been a little rough on low revs but is slowly getting worse. Please note it only does the following on cold engine and low revs up until 4000rpm. It runs sweet as a nut when at normal runnin temp ( 3 bars on the temp gauge...
  5. 2007 - Running Rich and Other Issues

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey All, I recently purchased a bone stock 2007 ZX-6R (Fuel Injected) with 1600 miles on it, but unfortunately it came with a few problems :plain:. It's running extremely rich and doing all the things that come along with that, but I can't figure out why. I'll detail the symptoms below followed...
  6. 6-R confusing engine issue. Any ideas??

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi im new to the forum, this is my first post. My names Ed and im from the UK. Ive just purchased a 1998 zx6r usex with 20000 miles on the clock. After a few days of riding the bike a few issues started to crop up. Firstly the bike looks like it may have been stored as we drained half a litre...