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lowering links

  1. WTB 2013 zx6r suspension links

    Want to Buy
    I bought my bike with aftermarket lowering links, Id like to get it back to stock height so let me know if you guys are selling any. :horse::horse::horse::horse:
  2. Rear suspension Tie Rod aka lowering links.

    Mechanical and Technical
    So I bought my 04 ZX6R used 2 years ago. Shorter person owned it and put the adjustable lowering links in the back. I was having my bike set up at the track and the suspension guy helping me wanted to know if those links were at stock ride height or not. I have no clue because I dont have the...
  3. Lowering Links

    Mechanical and Technical
    Anyone use any lowering links on their bike? If so what do you think about em and how did the installation go? :O
  4. Female and lowering links

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello everyone, I am not the shortest girl out there riding, I am 5'5. I bought lowering links and the shop said I should lower it one inch. The links had a one or two inch option. I had it lowered the one inch and it was okay when I was wearing boots, not perfect, but okay. Well yesterday I...
  5. 3" lowered 06 zx6r

    Is it a good idea to lower my 06 3"?
  6. will this fit?

    The ZX6R
    i have a 2002 zx6r. i got lowering links and i am not sure if they will fit. can you guys help me out? i ordered these YANA SHIKI KAWASAKI ZX6R / 636 /ZX9 / ZX12 LOWERING LINKS and if they do fit how do i install them?