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  1. what is the Law for the parking brake light in texas????

    Motorcycle Talk
    i Just switched my stock lights to LED green.
  2. 03 ZX636 Headlight question

    New Member Introductions
    I was wondering if there is anyone who has changed out the headlights so that both lights are on with "DIM" setting and get brighter with it on "Brights" I know it would most likely require a little wiring mod as well. Just wondering, I just get annoyed by those dip$hits who pull up next to you...
  3. Full beam issue - not working

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi all New to this so I hope I am going about this the right way!!(??) I recently purchased a 2006 zx6r 636 and suddenly my full beam stopped working At one point it was temperamental and working when it wanted to but now it has stopped working altogether Everything else including signals...
  4. Just installed some led's, and wanted to get some feedback

    The ZX6R
    So I installed some led's yesterday, a strip of 6 at the front and 3 at the back. Here are some pictures. tell me what you think. I will post some more picture once the weather is warmer at night!
  5. 03 ZX6r HID's or not

    Mechanical and Technical
    Have a silver 03 636 that I bought used. Been riding for about 5/6 months now and i'm in love with this bike. I see others with HID's, do you recommend or is it just a 'cool' thing? like the LED's in the frame… Thanks :coocoo
  6. Help! Bike Shorting!

    Mechanical and Technical
    :O::thumbdown: Hey everyone, My name is Sarra, I have a 2005 ZX636RR with a dynojet power commander. Recently I bought a new set of fairings. I disconnected the battery, removed all the fairings, and the fuel tank to vinyl it to match. I started reassembling my motorcycle, and I must have...
  7. <----NEWBIE but how do i fix my rear lights???

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello KAWI WORLD, Im having issues with my rear lights...When i turn left my right rear light comes on and when i go right my left one doesnt work at all. It might be a simple fix and i might sound stupid but i have to learn from somewhere lol. THanks again.
  8. best bang for your buck parts

    Mechanical and Technical
    got my first bike last week. needs some stuff to say the least. i dont want to get pulled over so i want to get a new tail light and front signals first. than new clutch lever and foot peg. problem is i cant seem to tell the difference in the 30$ part to the 100$ part. am i still getting...
  9. Would like to buy HALO/Demon lights

    Want to Buy
    Hey everyone i have been looking around for some halo lights but i cant really seem to find any. I drive a 636 06 model and would like to be able to get the halo and the demon eyes all together. So please try n help me out :) used or new once they work :P
  10. clear or smoked tail lights?????? What kind???

    West Coast
    Ok so I havent been in washington long and was wondering are smoked tail lights legal for motorcycles I looked on the washington state patrol website and they said colored (smoked) tail lights and clear are illegal and that seems dumb to me because what else is there if you cannot use smoked or...
  11. Running Tail Lights not working?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, brand new to the forum, so if im posting in the wrong spot please let me know. I just picked up my first zx6r yesterday. It's an 06. As I was riding last night a buddy told me I had no running tail lights. My brake lights and turn signals work just fine, but no running tail. I'm...
  12. Green LED running lights

    The ZX6R
    Just got my 09 zx6r monster edition and I want to make it stand out by changing the clear running lights to the green LEDs but I can't figure out what type of bulb goes in since I don't have the manual or know where I can get the colored LEDs. Anyone know where I can get this bulb and the size?
  13. Tail light issue ???

    Mechanical and Technical
    Just picked up an 06 636 special edition, going through the bike I have found that I have rear turn signals but no brake light or running light, it's an after market set up and a cluster of wires back there! Anyone know where I can get a diagram or some help?
  14. no lights :/

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys i bought a zx6r 99 plate yesterday won on ebay got it home and discovered that the headlight main dipped nd side dnt work neither does tail / brake light checked bulbs and fuses no joy can anyone help as i really want to ride it
  15. Angels and Demons

    Angels and Demons

    Night pic of ZX6R vs my buddy's 600RR with our LEDs on
  16. What an ass! 02

    What an ass! 02

    Rear/side view during the night with LED's on
  17. tail and headlights went out HELP

    Mechanical and Technical
    I know the first question you are gonna ask and yes the fuses for the headlights and tail lights are fine and the right number. when I was installing my new headlights (piaa) on my They worked fine. then I attached them on the fairings then put the fairings on when i turned the bike on AGAIN...
  18. HID successful install!! Feel free to ask questions

    The ZX6R
    I successfully installed 6K HID's in my 05 zx6r. alot of people seem to question how this works and if it will hurt their bike. i did it a very simple way and i am willing to share my knowledge to help anyone out there!
  19. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! New 6 owner!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello My name is La'Darryl Hollingsworth but folks call me L.A. for short. I'm a graphic artist and photographer in Atlanta, Ga and I love it...I recently purchased a Nice strong 1999 Kawasaki track bike from a guy for $1400 and what im wanting to do is get it back on the streets. I'd appreciate...