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  1. The ZX6R
    Bought a '19 636 this year and the previous owner had an Akrapovic slip on. IMO it has a fantastic sound, just not exactly as loud as I would like it to be. I've seen people remove the baffle by drilling into the side and getting in there with a socket, but I'm afraid I'll do that and it still...
  2. Want to Buy
    Hey all, hope this is being posted in the right place. I just picked up a 207 ZX6R (my dream bike) and it came with what I thought was a simple Leo Vince slip on but after looking into it, it was more complex than I had thought. Basically I only have the exhaust piece itself where I still...
  3. Videos
    Check out my 2013 ZX-6R 636 KIBS. I've added all Leo Vince carbon fiber parts for the ZX-6R. It cost me some money but I really believe its worth it. I decided to create my own Youtube channel seeing that I haven't see a bike like mines anywhere. Let me know what you guys think...
  4. New Member Introductions
    So I'm a proud owner of a brand new 2013 636. I've had it for about 2 months. Kawasaki has been my love since I can remember. I learned on a 250 and before this bike my favorte bike I've ridden to date was my buds 05 636. I had a R6 before this. The R6 is also up there for me, I had a '12 before...
  5. Want to Buy
    WTB a used or new power commander 5, bazzaz, or leo vince fast 2 EFI for a good price. Im in San Diego, let me know what you've got, or even if you know where the best place to buy? Thanks! Nick have a 2012 Zx6r and a Leo Vicne Corsa Exhasut waiting for a tune so I can install it :)
  6. The ZX6R
    Hi everyone, Just want to know what you think on this set-up? Leo-Vince Unlimited Slip-on exhaust (stainless) on a black 2011 ZX6R. I know sound is each to their own and I really love the sound of Leo-Vince's and fortunately I found this slip-on for $215 shipped brand new but for the Stainless...
  7. The ZX6R
    thought id share as i searched for this pipe and nothing came up:thumbdown: i picked up a leovince sbk unlimited off ebay nib and installed it today after i picked up my bike from the shop:) after my lowside last week:cry: came with this silencer installed noticed a slight popping on...
1-7 of 7 Results