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  1. Gear
    I'm selling my Dainese laguna seca leather since it no longer fits me, lost weight within the last year. It's in great condition, no scratches, never downed but there's no shoulder pads. Teknic leather jacket size XXL, $100. Also, in great condition, no scratches or defects. It's priced to...
  2. The Ladies Room
    I'm 5' and just over 100 lbs. I'm looking for a new jacket and possibly some well-fitted ridding pants. I've been looking around and most websites I've visited only go as low as a 4 and I need something closer to a 0-2. Any advice?
  3. Want to Buy
    Want to buy some leather gauntlet gloves. Fit size Large in most brands. Let me know what you have! Budget is $75-$100 shipped.
  4. Motorcycle Talk
    Motorcycle gear has a great deal on some fieldsheer stuff. I know the quality isnt as amazing as others but i pieced together a full leather suit for 420$. Not to bad the jacket retailed for 530 and the pants 290. Any ways I'm excited thought id share lol.
  5. Motorcycle Talk
    Hey guys, i'm looking at getting an AGV Sport Laguna Leather Jacket in Red AGV Sport Laguna Leather Jacket - RevZilla I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it, i couldn't find too many reviews around (apart from the revzilla video). I recently bought a Bilt Trackstar jacket and am...
  6. The ZX6R
    Soo I'm getting a A* GP Plus jacket (black) for Christmas, but after reading some reviews, I've learned that the jacket performs best from 40-70 degrees. I guess i'm concerned on how hot will I become scooting around. I plan to incorporate this jacket with the appropriate pants and turn it...
1-6 of 14 Results