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k&n filter

  1. Mechanical and Technical
    Changed my oil on my 2013 zx6r and noticed metal shavings in the oil. How concerned should I be and what could be going on? :crying The bike has 16.7K miles on it and I haven't noticed any knocking or ticking or anything unusual except the metal shavings. HELP!!!
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    Hi Everyone! So i tend to work on my bike on my own. This past weekend i installed a K&N filter and a power commander V for my 2013 zx6r.... Bike sounds great, i also dropped the CAT while i was there :) I need to get it tuned, but im having no such luck with a company or two.... they must...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello I have a 2005 636. A few days ago I took out the stok air filter and installed a K&N air filter and ever since then it seems that in first and second gear if I try to go full throttle or close to it, it feels like it's not going anywhere. Like it lost power but after I get into 3rd and...