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  1. Engine check light turns on when crusining in 5th or 6th gear

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello, So I recently bought a 2015 zx6r fully stock. Equipped it with a decat pipe and akrapovic slip on but left the catalytic converters inside the headers. To compliment all of that I installed servo buddy and a o2 sensor eliminator, so that bike wouldn't run lean ( probably need a PC5 nad...
  2. Clutch freeplay differs

    The ZX6R
    Hello ! I have a ZX6R 2007 , and problem i am having is the clutch freeplay is constantly changing, when its standing still not runnings, its all fine, but when engine is running, properly adjusted clutch cable, its all good , but then out of nowhere, it has a lot of slack into it. Then after a...
  3. Who said that commute can’t be fun?

    I love riding my2019 ZX6R. I commute on my bike every day. Hopefully next week I’ll have time to ride some canyons, but for now, here are some of my commute videos, where I’m just trying to have some fun. Please subscribe if you like my videos. There are more to come.
  4. 2019 ZX6R potential problems after forcing upshift without clutch?..

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey all, New here but I have a quick question. I recently switched my '19 zx6r to gp shifting and when I tried to use the quickshifter (going downwards now), I noticed it got stuck and then eventually shifted if i tried a little harder. However, I realized that the '19 zx6r quickshifter is...
  5. For Sale 2009 zx6r | $6800

    I spend more time cleaning the dust off it than I do riding it. Bike runs strong and has a solid setup. Looking at buying a house soon and an extra down payment wont hurt. I may have missed a few things and I will add them if I remember. Also have a trackaddix track day I can include with a...
  6. New in town

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, Introduce myself quick, then get to the goods. My name is Andy, I am 21 years old and living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Part time mech, full time student. Bought my first bike 6 weeks back, it came in 11 rubbermaid bins, its a 1990 Kawasaki zx6r. It's now recognizable...
  7. First couple of Mods

    The ZX6R
    Hello everyone! VohrteFahrt here again. This time I want to discuss mods. I am not looking for anything like turboes or HP gain, just ergonomics etc. On top of that I am planning on modifying me (aka track days, skill riding courses, etc). I was just wondering what else people typically do to...
  8. 03 ZX6RR Stick Coil Issues

    Mechanical and Technical
    So i have a 04 636 frame with a ZX600KE motor, my issue began with a stick coil going bad and thought that would be the end of it, popped a new one in, made it 15 miles away and the new one exploded, since then ive been through roughlllllly 5 stick coils in the time span of about 1 month...
  9. Hit the Northern Virginia Countryside (video)

    Ride Reports
    Hey everyone, as we in the Washington DC area approach the off season, I was able to sneak a ride in on an usually warm day with a friend of mine. We wound up riding through Manassas to RTE 29, and up through Halfway, and the Plains. We stopped in good old Middleburg, VA, a rider hotspot, to...
  10. Wassup Everyone !! I Need Your Support!

    Motorcycle Talk
    Whats up everyone on zx636 forum. I been a member on here a while now and I could use all your guys help. So I started a new youtube channel up I want you all to go take a look and like and subscribe to it !!! Its a streetbike channel of my every day rides and activities when I'm out on the...
  11. Random clips #1

    A small collection of random clips from the last few weeks in Melbourne. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTBCGpiYQbM :pirate
  12. Aftermarket exhaust 05 ch1

    The ZX6R
    anybody have a 2005 zx6r exhaust for sale Hi all does anybody have an aftermarket exhaust for a 2005 zx6 c1h on a budget
  13. Melbourne group rides to car/bike meetups.

  14. Abandoned mental hospital in Melbourne

    ll right, here is my first upload on the YouTubes. In the video I visit a abandoned mental hospital in Melbourne and get some photos of the bike. I'm at ZERO subscribers as of now so if you like and want to see more if appreciate if you hit that SUB button :):);) Thanks mates...
  15. Extremely Confused as to Which Bike I actually own

    The ZX6R
    Hello I bought a motorcycle last year on Kijiji that was advertised as a 1998 ZX-6R, however the bike itself and the VIN don't match up to that. I've gotten really confused and really just want to know what model of bike I actually own lol. The VIN says JKAZX4G11WA004967 which from some research...
  16. 2012 zx6r. New to the forum

    New Member Introductions
    New To this forum. I have a 2012 zx6r, bought it brand new myself at age 18. I hope to keep this baby as long as it lasts me. I've put a few mods on it & plan on doing some more. Hope to learn from the veteran riders as much as possible on here.
  17. My B1H project!

    The Build Thread
    Instead of uploading 300 step by step pictures ill just show you the before and after! :) This was when i got it, a few crappy mods and wasn't in the best condition but i picked it up cheap! After a bit of TLC, countless mods, chopping, drilling and a lot of paint! :bigsmile: any...
  18. WTF?!? Is this suppose to happen?

    The ZX6R
    So I had a guy pull up behind me... and he must have boogied to catch up, to tell me that my plate was loose. Pulled off the hwy to find the metal torn off the bracket at the bolt thread. I can't imagine it to be metal fatigue, as the plate is barely a year old and is secured with an actual...
  19. 2003 ZX6RR nose fairing

    United Kingdom
    Just wondering if anybody is selling the nose fairing or front mud guard for a 2003 zx6rr/636 in original kawasaki green? got a hole in mine :(