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  1. Deciding gear to buy

    I just recently bought my first motorcycle and I have been looking at gear online, I found some in my price range, but I can't decide between them, I could use some opinions, personal experience, and any other help in my decision making would be greatly appreciated, I'll also consider gear that...
  2. Which Jacket????

    Hi all. Im looking to get a new jacket and im trying to sort through the options for possible candidates. I ride street and will eventually go track. I want a race cut as that fits my comfortable positions. I ride in LA so I need airflow. My philosophy is "protect for the race and walk away...
  3. Dainese laguna seca perf leather- size 58, us 48 $150 / Teknic leather size XXL $100

    I'm selling my Dainese laguna seca leather since it no longer fits me, lost weight within the last year. It's in great condition, no scratches, never downed but there's no shoulder pads. Teknic leather jacket size XXL, $100. Also, in great condition, no scratches or defects. It's priced to...
  4. My recent awesome stuff

    Motorcycle Talk
    I went on a kind of spending binge the last few weeks (well to me at least to some of you its not that much). Anyways i got some cortech latigo boots(145$ish) Which I'm really impressed with. I also got some fieldsheer sport 2.0 pants(175$), and a fieldsheer tatt jacket (like 235$). Lastly I...
  5. what jacket to buy

    The ZX6R
    I am looking into getting a leather jacket (my first one) and I am wondering what any of you guys have tried and what your opinions/reviews are.
  6. Anyone have experience with AGV Laguna Jacket?

    Motorcycle Talk
    Hey guys, i'm looking at getting an AGV Sport Laguna Leather Jacket in Red AGV Sport Laguna Leather Jacket - RevZilla I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it, i couldn't find too many reviews around (apart from the revzilla video). I recently bought a Bilt Trackstar jacket and am...
  7. Perforated vs Non Preforated

    The ZX6R
    Soo I'm getting a A* GP Plus jacket (black) for Christmas, but after reading some reviews, I've learned that the jacket performs best from 40-70 degrees. I guess i'm concerned on how hot will I become scooting around. I plan to incorporate this jacket with the appropriate pants and turn it...