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  1. How to install 2014 ZX6R Steering Damper

    Mechanical and Technical
    Just wanted to throw this on here in case anyone wanted to know how to install the Ohlin Steering Dampers on a 2013+ zx6r. It's really easy and straight forward. The most difficult part I found was bolting in the bracket to under the triple tree because it was hard to get access to the bolts...
  2. 2014 TRS HID Install

    The ZX6R
    I recently bought the Stage 2 HID projector kit for my 2014 ZX6R from The Retrofit Source and I plan on installing them this weekend but I have no idea where to start haha. The kit is pretty standard: 4300k bulb, 35watt, mini gatlin gun shrouds, duel output harness and I requested a high beam...
  3. Replacing Air Filter on a 2009 ZX6R

    Mechanical and Technical
    Okay guys call me a noob, but I don't want to break anything. Checked the manual and can't make sense of the instructions. I can get the tank off, but am I supposed to disconnect the multiple wires that go to the airbox or not? This picture shows what I'm talking about, Do I just unscrew the...
  4. How to: install low profile turn lights [PICTURE HEAVY]

    Motorcycle Talk
    Well this thread is gonna be a PITA to write, lots of pics. Here we go. Addendum: Can a mod please move this to the guides forum, I could not create the thread there. I got the idea for these low profile turn lights from some other member here in some thread buried somewhere for which I have...
  5. HID successful install!! Feel free to ask questions

    The ZX6R
    I successfully installed 6K HID's in my 05 zx6r. alot of people seem to question how this works and if it will hurt their bike. i did it a very simple way and i am willing to share my knowledge to help anyone out there!