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  1. Pyramid Rear Hugger

    The ZX6R
    Got the pyramid rear hugger in the post today - still at work, but will fit when I get home and get some pics up. Looks pretty good in the standard green trim. Anyways...pics up soon!
  2. Drill through a Swing arm?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, 2005-06 ZX6R So i received a Rear tyre hugger today and was instructed to drill two holes on my LH side swing arm to bolt it on. A. Is this a good idea? will it cause any issues? B. has anyone done this? what drill Bit should i use? C. What type of Metal is a 2005/06 ZX6R Swingarm...
  3. Just installed new mods for my 05 ZX6R woop!

    The ZX6R
    well im back from Afghanistan and loving my bike, its an absolute beast! Anyway I've added some mods now to make it a lil more trick, still thinking of powdercoating the pillion pegs and rearsets, been offered a really good price by people who actually know what they're doing! Anyway mods Ive...