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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    '13 Morimoto HID Wiring Issues Alright guys, I've searched pretty much everywhere and for some reason, info on '13 636's for wiring and anything else seems to be severely lacking. Just bought a Morimoto HID kit and I can't seem to get it wired up. Definitely not my first wiring or headlight job...
  2. The ZX6R
    Hello, I have been trying to find out what our stock projectors are for the 2013 zx6r. I am looking to do a retrofit and seeing if there is any modification required for the BI-XENON: MORIMOTO MINI H1 7.0 I want better light output and looking to do a retro fit. I see a lot of threads out...
  3. The ZX6R
    Does anyone know if they sell just the headlight assembly [without the projectors] for a 2013+ ZX6R? It would be even better if someone knew where to buy one that wasnt glued together with that shitty glue?
  4. The ZX6R
    I recently bought the Stage 2 HID projector kit for my 2014 ZX6R from The Retrofit Source and I plan on installing them this weekend but I have no idea where to start haha. The kit is pretty standard: 4300k bulb, 35watt, mini gatlin gun shrouds, duel output harness and I requested a high beam...
  5. Mechanical and Technical
    I am looking at purchasing: Bi-xenon: Sportbike Stage II Kit - Complete Retrofit Kits from The Retrofit Source Inc for my 05 ZX-6R and have a quick question about the Angel Eyes add-on. I have done a lot of research and searched the forums to get the walk-throughs but have not seen this...
  6. Mechanical and Technical
    Hello all, first time posting here, but hoping to become much more familiar with the site! Looks awesome. Anyway, I have a bit of a problem right now and I've been searching for an answer to no avail.. I've got a 2009 ZX-6R. I was in an accident a few months ago and I've slowly been rebuilding...
  7. The ZX6R
    Hey guys im looking to do a little upgrade to my headlights. Im wanting to put hids in and I was looking at the projector kit from xdcycles and was wondering if anyone has ever used it or if itd even be worth getting the projectors. Also what intensity hid gives the most light? Thanks!
  8. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys I was thinking about installing demon eyes onto a 2005 Ninja 636. I found these on eBay and I can't decide whether this is a wise idea to purchase or not. Has anyone used these and what are your opinions? And do I need anything else before install? HID Bi Xenon Motorcycle Projector...
  9. Mechanical and Technical
    So I've been doing some research on Demon Eyes/HIDS as well as Steering Dampers. Was wondering if anyone have used these: HID Bi Xenon Motorcycle Projector Headlight for 05 06 Kawasaki zx6r ZX 6R ZX636 | eBay and... Adjustable Steering Stabilizer Damper for Kawasaki zx6r ZX 6R 636 2005 2006...
  10. New HID's

    Just installed my HID. What a difference
  11. The ZX6R
    Recently picked up an 01 ZX-6R for cheap that seems to be a bit of a lemon. Anyhow, it supposedly had an HID conversion done, but the headlights won't turn on at all. I currently have the fairings off so I could try to get a look at what was done, and this is what I've noticed; -bulbs look...
  12. Mechanical and Technical
    So there are so many people with different HID's and different opinions, so Lets post up some pics of our HID's at night. I want to see what they look like on walls and just at night on roads. Include: Brand Watts Where you go them from Color Temp Stock/Retrofit This should be good infor for...
  13. The ZX6R
    Ok, took me a couple weeks, working on my HID retrofit, a small bit at a time, but I'm finnished! Put in the Mini H1's from the retrofitsource. Took some pics with my phone so not great photo's, but let me know what ya think guys!!:devious Low Beam High Beam
1-18 of 24 Results