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  1. Headlights won't work!

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have an 07 ZX6R the other night I started the bike back up after riding to a buddies house turned the handle bars fully right to turn around in the drive way and the bike shuts off finally figured out some wires were getting pinched move them out the way get home and I try moving the bars left...
  2. HID's


    6k DDM tuning HID low beam, and LED parking lights
  3. 2013+ Headlight Assembly

    The ZX6R
    Does anyone know if they sell just the headlight assembly [without the projectors] for a 2013+ ZX6R? It would be even better if someone knew where to buy one that wasnt glued together with that shitty glue?
  4. Electrical questions from the new guy

    The ZX6R
    Just traded a car for a 2006 Kawasaki 636, I knew it had a some small problems, fairing hardware replaced with self tapping screws, a rear brake pad that was practically gone and no headlight bulbs. Also a few cracks and dings from either a failed wheely or a highside. Runs great, sounds good...
  5. 2014 TRS HID Install

    The ZX6R
    I recently bought the Stage 2 HID projector kit for my 2014 ZX6R from The Retrofit Source and I plan on installing them this weekend but I have no idea where to start haha. The kit is pretty standard: 4300k bulb, 35watt, mini gatlin gun shrouds, duel output harness and I requested a high beam...
  6. 03 ZX636 Headlight question

    New Member Introductions
    I was wondering if there is anyone who has changed out the headlights so that both lights are on with "DIM" setting and get brighter with it on "Brights" I know it would most likely require a little wiring mod as well. Just wondering, I just get annoyed by those dip$hits who pull up next to you...
  7. Should I turn it into a streetfighter? ?

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all! So I've got a 95 zx6r. Recently did a carb clean and the performance has improved greatly! When I had that done however, it was brought to my attention that the front fairing is only being held by the two ram air ducts that come from the front fairing. That said, the guy that did...
  8. HID Retrofit or Slip on Exhaust

    The ZX6R
    Ever since I bought my bike a few weeks ago, I have been mulling over what I can do to make my new baby shine. This forum has provided me with A LOT of different ideas and it is come down for me to make a decision. Right now, it is a toss up between retrofitting my headlights with...
  9. TRS: Motorcycle: Stage II Kit - Angel Eyes Question

    Mechanical and Technical
    I am looking at purchasing: Bi-xenon: Sportbike Stage II Kit - Complete Retrofit Kits from The Retrofit Source Inc for my 05 ZX-6R and have a quick question about the Angel Eyes add-on. I have done a lot of research and searched the forums to get the walk-throughs but have not seen this...
  10. 09 Headlight Harness Question?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello all, first time posting here, but hoping to become much more familiar with the site! Looks awesome. Anyway, I have a bit of a problem right now and I've been searching for an answer to no avail.. I've got a 2009 ZX-6R. I was in an accident a few months ago and I've slowly been rebuilding...
  11. Headlight questions

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello! I've been wanting to do some mods to my headlights but wasn't sure what exactly to search for. What I'm wanting is to have dual headlights with the ability to still use the hi/lo beams. Can someone point me in the right direction? Also, are there bulbs out there for halogen...
  12. Dual Headlight Mod Pics

    I used the How-To guide provided by Joker and modded my headlights. Didn't buy projectors or anything, but that will be next time. I basically followed Joker's guide to a T, except I got a little crazy with the soldering gun, shrink wrap, etc. When it was done, you couldn't even tell anything...
  13. HID problems! help?

    The ZX6R
    Recently picked up an 01 ZX-6R for cheap that seems to be a bit of a lemon. Anyhow, it supposedly had an HID conversion done, but the headlights won't turn on at all. I currently have the fairings off so I could try to get a look at what was done, and this is what I've noticed; -bulbs look...
  14. Blacking out your headlights!

    The ZX6R
    Hello, recently I was advised that instead of blacking out my headlights, some company sells covers that clip on or something of the sort. This would be preferable as I hear blacking them out SIGNIFICANTLY reduces headlight effectiveness. I would greatly appreciate any information you have...
  15. Cleaning Headlights?

    The ZX6R
    Anybody have any ways to clean the inside of the headlight assembly? i've tried diluting water and alcohol and mixing it around but I would rather actually get in there. Kawi has a factory sealant around the lenses and makes it difficult to get in. ideas?