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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, It’s my first post here so I’m not sure if this is in the right section, but I saw someone say that the zx6r and 10r headers are interchangeable for 2009-2012. but when Looking at the pictures of the systems they dont look the same. If anyone has tried fitting 2009-2012 zx10 headers...
  2. Mechanical and Technical
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  3. Want to Buy
    WTB Two Bros Mid Pipe And Headers 09-12 Just picked up a black series ti muffler and I'm looking to get the rest. Please send pics/price.
  4. The ZX6R
    Hey guys, got some headers up for grabs if you want em. Asking $200 obo. They are brand new. I just don't have the time to put them on with school and all. If you are interested let me know! I can ship.
  5. Mechanical and Technical
    I have a set of headers that I unpacked and painted. I'm going to get a PCv to remap the bike so it won't run to open. But I'm wondering if the open headers plus my m4 will make the bike just to loud to wanna ride.
  6. Mechanical and Technical
    Can't seem to find a site that sells a decent header for my bike. Does anybody know off any sites? I just bought the bike , and it came with a Yoshi RS-5 slip on. I figured I'd just save some cash and get the headers instead of buying a Full exhaust to replace it. Thanks
  7. Want to Buy
    Someone stole my left side mirror off my '11 so I'm looking for a replacement. Also looking for some Stock Exhaust Manifolds (Headers) for an '09 and up for a Ceramic Coating project. Send me shipped price to 78108. Paypal verified and preferred....
  8. Mechanical and Technical
    Been reading about people using a 03/04 636 header on different years; including on a 08 ZX6R. Have any of you guys or girls heard any truth to this? If so, will it bolt right up without any mods? Just looking for a header instead of selling my slip on and purchasing a new full exhaust. I've...