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harbor freight

  1. Videos
    So I had a pet peeve about my Harbor Freight Motorcycle Dolly. So I made a modification to it. Here's the link. The video explains my pet peeve and what I did to solve it. https://youtu.be/q00Hpl3WPsY
  2. The Build Thread
    I purchased a 1720 lb. Capacity 4X8 Super Duty Trailer from Harbor Freight to build for carrying two motorcycles to various events. 1720 lb. Capacity 48 in. x 96 in. Super Duty Trailer Follow along as I go over my build out of this trailer to meet my specific needs. Front 4X4 section is...
  3. Racing
    So last season I bought a folding Harbor Freight trailer with the larger 4.8" x 12" wheel package. The trailer worked brilliantly for track duty all year, but the cheap Chinese tires it came with are already showing signs of dry rot and I think one has a pinhole as its low on pressure. I...
  4. Racing
    I am going to be purchasing a trailer soon and am trying to figure out if a 49" x 40" Harbor Freight trailer with a motorcycle trailer rail mounted to it would work. Here is the trailer I am talking about, anyone use this thing? Heavy Duty Utility Trailer - 870 Lb. Capacity Here are my...
  5. The ZX6R
    The wheelbase of my 06 ZX6R is listed as 55.1" That is the measurement of the bike from end to end, correct? NOT the measurement from wheel center to wheel center.