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    I'm in Shreveport, just got a 03 zx6r a couple of weeks ago after about 5 years without a bike. This is too big of a city to not have a good group of people to ride with. hopefully by the time the sketchy weather starts to clear up around here we'll have a few replies to this thread, and a ride...
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    Any guys in the Nebraska area looking to get a group lined up once it gets warm and the damn ice melts.. Im in Grand Island, looking to head toward Lincoln, Omaha... Wherever.. If anyone would be up for this, AND this is open to ANYONE, it dont matter if youre just learning or have been riding...
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    Followed some buddies on HWY 8 and some roads to Danbury, NC up to Blue ridge parkway. I didn't know the turns leading up to where we had to go so I stayed behind my buddy's Ducatti 748 and my other buddy's HD cruiser... Ha, its kinda funny though. Dudes like 24 years old and drives a HD. Oh...
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    Went to Blue Ride Parkway in VA yesterday [Videos] Wrong effn' section
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    Any riders here looking to meet up and ride together from: (North Carolina) Greensboro, High Point, Lewisville, Clemmons, Winston Salem and surrounding areas I just see guys here riding ALONE :O where as whenever I visit Charlotte or Raleigh, I see riders in groups :cool3:….. We can do...