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  1. The ZX6R
    Hey guys just replaced a water pump with a mix of parts from two separate used water pumps. It sounds like right behind the pump cover there is a grinding noise coming from the impeller possibly! Thoughts?
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    I have a 01 zx6r and noticed wile I was rideing the other day that there was this really uncomfortable grinding/clicking noise coming from the chain area so when I got back home I looked and there was a spot on the top of my swingarm where the chain had been grinding, I tryed titening the chain...
  3. Mechanical and Technical
    Just recently my bike started making a grinding and popping sound while riding, so I figured that it was the maybe the wheel bearings. I changed the rear bearings, but to my suprise it is still doing the same thing. Any thoughts of what this could be?:O