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  1. Deciding gear to buy

    I just recently bought my first motorcycle and I have been looking at gear online, I found some in my price range, but I can't decide between them, I could use some opinions, personal experience, and any other help in my decision making would be greatly appreciated, I'll also consider gear that...
  2. Alpinestars Gloves

    What is different between the Alpinestars SP-1 gloves and the SP-8 gloves. I dont know which ones I should get! Which would you recommened and why? Thanks in advance!
  3. What are your goals/ mods over winter?

    Motorcycle Talk
    Thought Id start a post about what we all plan to do over winter as far as buying gear and or modding our bikes? Personally Im good with me gear right now, only plan on doing performance mods over this winter.
  4. Shifter adjustment

    The ZX6R
    Ok I can't find my answer anywhere so I'm gonn ask. I've slipped my bike into neutral a few times this summer when going from 1-2. It just feels like there is to much ankle movment between shifts. Any other gear is fine. So in order for me to get less ankle movement or to feel like I have to...
  5. Helmet talk: Why you wear what you wear

    Motorcycle Talk
    Hey all, I figured I'd start up a thread for you guys to post up a pick of your favorite personal cranium cover, and for you to give your perspectives on the pros and cons that you've come to discover through ownership. Please attach a pic to each post so everyone can see what you're sporting...
  6. Looking for Gear? Dainese Frazer leather jacket?

    The ZX6R
    Hey, I'm getting some new gear and wanted y'alls opionion on this jacket, its a Dainese Frazer leather/cordura jacket. I love the way it looks, and the amount of protection it offers seems about right. Would y'all recommend it? Which jacket would u recommend? Also im only 5'4 100lbs so I need a...
  7. Petite women, where do you get your gear?

    The Ladies Room
    I'm 5' and just over 100 lbs. I'm looking for a new jacket and possibly some well-fitted ridding pants. I've been looking around and most websites I've visited only go as low as a 4 and I need something closer to a 0-2. Any advice?
  8. Clutch or Tranny problem?

    Mechanical and Technical
    When riding my bike and switching gears at high rpm's my gears don't seem to engage. Is this the clutch or the tranny? 1st - engages 2nd - engages 3rd - slips 4th - slips 5th - slips 6th - engages clutch or tranny prob? - YouTube
  9. 2013 making noise from gear box?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys. My 2013 makes this weird rattle/squeaking noise when clutch is engaged and coasting at slow speeds, or even just decelerating at low speeds in gear. Sounds like its coming from the gear/clutch housing. Anyone experienced this before, and have any ideas what it is? I will take it in...
  10. New Alpine Celer Jacket

    Motorcycle Talk
    I was looking to purchase a new jacket and this beauty came up, too bad it's sold out. Anyways I've never had a leather jacket before and I live in Fresno, California. I hope it doesn't get too hot when riding on the street. :devious
  11. My recent awesome stuff

    Motorcycle Talk
    I went on a kind of spending binge the last few weeks (well to me at least to some of you its not that much). Anyways i got some cortech latigo boots(145$ish) Which I'm really impressed with. I also got some fieldsheer sport 2.0 pants(175$), and a fieldsheer tatt jacket (like 235$). Lastly I...
  12. Gear Shifter help

    Mechanical and Technical
    was in a crash recently which ended up with a broken bracket which was connected to the gear shifter and foot rest. I have a 2002 ZX6R. Im replacing it and im having trouble getting the hex bolt off of the unit. i looked at the service manual and it was no help. is there a trick im missing...
  13. what jacket to buy

    The ZX6R
    I am looking into getting a leather jacket (my first one) and I am wondering what any of you guys have tried and what your opinions/reviews are.
  14. Cool bike shops in South Chicago suburbs

    The ZX6R
    I'm looking for a shop in or around the south suburbs of Chicago. I live about 50 miles south of the city but I want to go see some accessories for my zx6r and maybe check out some gear. So any suggestions for cool shops I can go check out?
  15. Gauge cluster help

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello again guys. Took my ('07 zx6r) bike out for the first time today for about two hours with about 40 degree weather. It was dry so I had to. Anyways I need some advice on what I should do with my gauge cluster... If I am in neutral the gear indicator is correct but any other gear it just...
  16. ZX6r 2007 change gear indicator

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys new here, i just baught a zx6r 2007 p7f and the guy didnt have an owners manual just wondering how can i change the change gear indicator on the dash? i tried today i think i got into the settings but it would only let me change it between 14k rpm to 16k rpm and ive had "this one...
  17. Balance between $$ and protection

    The ZX6R
    So, i'm basically planning out what protection (Gloves, boots, and pants) I'm planning on getting my self for the summer so if the time comes where I may go down, my ass is protected. Looking at prices and brands, I'm trying to determine what a considerable amount of money can be spent to ensure...
  18. Perforated vs Non Preforated

    The ZX6R
    Soo I'm getting a A* GP Plus jacket (black) for Christmas, but after reading some reviews, I've learned that the jacket performs best from 40-70 degrees. I guess i'm concerned on how hot will I become scooting around. I plan to incorporate this jacket with the appropriate pants and turn it...
  19. Ride to Torrance/Alpinestars

    West Coast
    Well looks like the winds should die down tomorrow, so I will be going to that Alpinestars sale in Torrance. If anyone else is down to meet up we can cruise to San Pedro or Redondo Beach for a bite...
  20. Suit Fitment!!

    Motorcycle Talk
    Hey all! I'm new to the site, and fairly new to riding! I just recently got a sedici one piece suit (I know I know, it's not the most expensive) I tried on a black one at cycle gear and it fit like a glove, but I wanted a white one. So my parents go and pick up a white one for me and the...