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  1. Aftermarket fuel cap

    The ZX6R
    Does anyone have any recommendations on an aftermarket fuel cap/base? I'm seeing 3 main contenders... Lightech, Vortex and Driven. I'm trying to get away from needing to use my key when fueling up.
  2. 99 Fuel Line Size?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Can anyone tell me what size the main fuel line and the vent to the tank are? Mine are shot and I need to buy some replacements.
  3. 2 issues and need help solving them

    Mechanical and Technical
    Issue number 1: Bike starts normal idles normal soon as I'm ready to take off I bring the kick stand up and hit down for 1st gear bike cuts off :huh: this is the third time its happened even when I bring the kick stand up I pull it up to make sure its fully up for sure. It didn't do it last...
  4. What kind of gas works best for you?

    The ZX6R
    So usually I pump gas at BP and fill my tank with premium (93) and my bike loves it! Today, I had to go to my sisters house to pick up a camera and although I knew I should have pumped gas, I didn't. My gas light came on and I was on a highway and the only close gas station was a Speedway. I...
  5. Aftermarket gas caps

    The ZX6R
    What gas caps are people using? I have an 07 zx6 and I hate the stock gas cap the key gets jammed sometimes. I want just a black gas cap, a quick turn style but really haven't found much of anything out there. What are you guys using?
  6. Anyone else have a gas problem?

    The ZX6R
    I bought a 2013 ZX6R 636 brand new this last December. Ever since I got it my gas light comes on at the 70-80 mile mark. I wind up filling up every two days! One time I figured the light might be turning at the half way point and I wound up running out of gas on the freeway. I pushed it a mile...
  7. CAT glowing red on idle. Blue flames exiting exhaust. Low mileage

    Mechanical and Technical
    Ladies and gentlemen, The ZX-6RR (2006) needed some maintance. I have replaced the stock spark plugs with iridium, replaced the stock air filter with an aftermarket K&N one and a seafoam treatement has been done. Since that time, my bike has been giving me half the mileage. Running rich, no...
  8. Throttle problems.

    Mechanical and Technical
    I can't figure out why, my bike keeps shutting off every time i give it gas.. HELP!
  9. Help! Zx6r Sputtering problem at low RPM

    Mechanical and Technical
    2007 ZX6R sputtering at low rpms, from about 1000-3500 rpm. -After 3500 rpm bike runs smooth. -If i rev the bike in neutral and let go, the idling is smooth for a couple seconds then goes back to sputtering. Changed the spark plugs that didn't do anything. Bike has about 11k miles Really...
  10. 2007 gas mileage crazy low

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone I am a new rider and have a completely bone stock 2007 zx6r other than a scorpion stealth slip on with 9k miles. Bike runs great, no gas leak seen or smelled but I am only getting 40 miles on a full tank before gas light comes on. I am buying the fuel with the highest octane (the...
  11. Idle and RPM issue! Please help

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello so I'm pretty new to motorcycles and I have a 2004 kawasaki zx6r and absolutely love it, however it has a manual idle and I usually have it at its highest but realized I am killing my gas. When I am at a red light my rpm is at 3000 RPMs and a friend told me that's WAY to high. But when I...
  12. ***Help***

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey everyone. I'll make this short and sweet. I got a short notice deployment and had less than a day to pack, get my gear and leave. I left in July and with time constrants didn't "Winterize" my bike. I have a 2011 ZX6R and its covered and sitting in my garage. This is my first bike and it has...
  13. 01 zx6r fuel issue

    Mechanical and Technical
    the bike will start up without the choke (unusual) and run just fine until it hits about 112 degrees then seems like it runs extremely rich. then I noticed through the oil view window that the crank case filled up with gas. ive been through the carbs and bench tested them many times (floats do...
  14. Tank Leak

    Mechanical and Technical
    After putting in the SpeedoDRD yesterday I thought everything went smoothly. I knew I was going to have to go under the tank, so it was nearly empty. After putting everything back together I filled the tank up and took a spin on the freeway. PERFECT! Everything was working as it should, though...
  15. fuel prob in general.....

    Mechanical and Technical
    ok sooo....*sigh*...i took my tank off today and seen that along with the "in and out" fuel lines...there was another hose...it was plugged for some reason...so i took the plug out and it oozed, it was gunked up bad....what is this hose used for...is it like a vent tube or something ? And no im...
  16. Chevron Gas!

    Motorcycle Talk
    I've recently found out from a guy I work with (chevron employee for 30 years) that chevron gas is the best kind for your bike. The reason it's so expensive is because they give you a higher octane than what they have on the labels. If you put "91" in you could actually be filling up with 95...