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gas tank

  1. New Member Introductions
    hi everyone i have a 2003 zx6r i am trying to find a fuel tank that will fit my bike that does not cost an arm and a leg thanks for any help and im glad to be in this forum.
  2. The ZX6R
    What gas caps are people using? I have an 07 zx6 and I hate the stock gas cap the key gets jammed sometimes. I want just a black gas cap, a quick turn style but really haven't found much of anything out there. What are you guys using?
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, One month after getting my brand new 30th anniversary edition kawasaki zx6r, a piece of the paint chipped off of the gas tank. I noticed after my 600 mile tune up, but no way to tell if it happened then. Any advice on something I can do to fix this? Warranty folks would laugh at me...
  4. The ZX6R
    So idk if this is normal my 07 zx6 after riding until the tank gets hot and builds up some pressure inside when I shut it off and the engine isn't running I can hear fuel vapors coming from thr gas cap. Idk if the whole cap is bad or a seal inside there but then if I just open the gas cap and...
  5. Mechanical and Technical
    After putting in the SpeedoDRD yesterday I thought everything went smoothly. I knew I was going to have to go under the tank, so it was nearly empty. After putting everything back together I filled the tank up and took a spin on the freeway. PERFECT! Everything was working as it should, though...
  6. Want to Buy
    I'm looking for an 03' gas tank. The previous owner dropped the bike and dented the tank. Too much of an eye sore to not replace it.
  7. Mechanical and Technical
    Hello everyone I was wondering a few questions so some back ground had my bike in another state and had some people that was supposed to keep up with it and maintain it while I was gone and they didnt so got some water in the tank and clogged up the fuel system and gas tank lock please...
  8. Want to Buy
    I need a gas tank. Color and condition don't really matter. I would actually perfer a scratched and or dented tank, cheap. I will repair and paint to complete a racebike build.
  9. Mechanical and Technical
    I know I sound like a retard but I am new to sport bikes. I currently own a 05 zx6r I recently bought. However I would like to change the plugs but have no clue where they go can someone please help. Thank you