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  1. New Member Introductions
    I had my ECU flashed by a guy in Florida, he adjusted the fan temperature, the fuel curve, throttle in all gears, but when I put the bike on the dyno it still has the same horspe power than before (132) and the AFR went from 12.4 to 11.9. However the top speed improved a little bit. Is it normal ?
  2. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey all, I made a conversion file to create Woolich racing maps based on Power Commander 5 data. This was made for a 2019 ZX-6R 636, so I can't confirm that all the values will be the same for other years. Instructions are on the first sheet. Hopefully this helps someone out. The site won't let...
  3. The ZX6R
    A while ago, i bought the usb harness and sw license from FTecu.com to get rid of the error code after removing the exhaust servo, disable fuel cut on decel (which made the transition from off to on throttle MUCH smoother btw.), set fan temp etc. It did the job. Recently I took my bike (2013...
  4. The ZX6R
    I just wanted to post a quick positive review regarding my 2013 zx6r's ECU flash. THIS IS FOR A TRACK BIKE! I was hesitant to send in the ECU to Schnitz Racing due to other posts negative reviews because of the 75 dollar price. So I called Schnitz and they answered all of my questions regarding...
  5. The ZX6R
    Hey guys just looking for some advice. I'll be taking my 09 zx6r in next month to the shop to have it dyno tuned and I am wondering whether or not its worth it to have it flashed right away also. I put a m4gp slip-on on the bike over the winter and I want to custom tune since it will run alot...
  6. The ZX6R
    Hello, I'm looking for someone who takes care of ECU flashes. Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated
  7. New Member Introductions
    I'm new to the forum and just a lil about myself. I have been working on bike for about 20 years as an aftermarket shop. I hope I might be able to offer some type of contribution to the forum , as Im sure Ill recieve it :). So my first question is, if anyone has had any luck with obtaining bin...
  8. Mechanical and Technical
    Hey is their away on my 2011 ZX-6R to make the turn signals flash fast say such as a GSXR 600 or a CBR 600 i ride with alot of them and their signals are fast to turn on and flash mine take a little longer and are slow to flash any ideas?