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first ride

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    This summer i was tired of my car and decided to buy myself a bike... After a long time searching, watching a lot of video's i finally found one, a '06 636 with 36k Km on it. A few days later i got my licence to drive, during my dayjob. The moment i had it it was 2Pm,my boss asked me to do a...
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    So a buddy of mine got his license by way of MSF course. He bought a bike and I went with him on a short ride on his first day out. Maybe it should have been a sign when he told me he stalled out like 3 times when he was riding to meet up, but we went out on a short ride anyways. My other...
  3. Ride Reports
    I have been riding a motorcycle for a little of a year and a half now. I mainly commute going the same way, on the same streets, and at the same time. It started feeling like a chore to get on my bike to go to work or school. I never really have free time to just go out and ride. Well today was...
  4. First ride of the season

    First ride of the season

    First ride of the season, just around +5c. but it was a great ride anyways, short but sweet.