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  1. FI 14 on 07-08 Zx6r

    Mechanical and Technical
    I'm stuck. I understand this code to be a fault with either the water temperature sensor or the wiring to it. I went ahead and replaced the sensor already, it was a brand new OEM sensor. I just bought this bike from a guy who never rode it. The bike has only 2900 miles on it, and still have the...
  2. Fuel Pump Electronical problems!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    Alright guys so here is the situation . So I have a Kawasaki ninja 636 2005 with 43k miles . Starting having this wierd problem where when I hit power band it would skip or big out for a second almost like it wasn't getting gas . So I took the tank off and looked at the inside and fuel pump and...
  3. FI light / code 32/ please help.

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hi everyone, I just bought a 2006 zx6r, put 300 miles on in and then washed it. Now the Fi light is on and it wont rev past 8k rpm and the idle is a little choppy. I ran the code and it gave me code 32 which is the Sub-throttle sensor malfunction. I've googled this on the net and found...
  4. Code 34 Help

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey, I recently replaced a few scratched items on my bike, including the muffler. When I ran my bike again for the first time, I had an FI code pop up on my dash. After self-diagnosis, I've realized that it's a Code 34. Just wondering on some of anybody would happen to have any insight on this...
  5. Bike surged and cut out, could eventually restart, now FI light on

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hello, It has been a while since I posted on here but I was riding back from a fairly long adventure trip on my 06 zx6r when about 80 miles from home and having already ridden about 280 miles the bike started surging and then finally cutout. I was able to get it restarted after stopping and...
  6. FI Light flashing and wont start! Help please!

    The ZX6R
    Well today I took my nose cone off, my headlights etc coz I wanted to get my fairings painted. There was no rain or anything so left the bike covered up. After 3-4 hours I went downstairs, plugged in the lights and put the cone back on because I needed to go somewhere really fast. ...... and...
  7. 03 636 not starting !!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    i bought my bike about a month ago and have bairly ridden it. also new to this power as only previously owning a 250. So the other day i noticed my 636 was running low on oil. I decided to go down to the shop to get more. i bought the same as oil it was already running on. and instead of taking...
  8. It doesn't exist!!!

    Mechanical and Technical
    So after 2 weeks of fixing a FI light problem (servo buddy) I find out that it's not that at all. I finally ran the code again and it says 39. Not in the service manual. Google search said it was a communication problem with the ECU telling the meter what gear your in. Well I know that. The...
  9. FI light occasionally coming on then going

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey guys, Just bought a 05 Zx6r model C1H off a close buddy of mine. Noticed that occasionally the FI light will pop on, whenever i give it a rev it goes away and will sometimes pop back on. Any idea what this could be? i believe its the exhaust Butterfly valve, ran error code 63 in its past so...