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  1. Need Help Finding some replacement Fairings

    The ZX6R
    Have a plasma blue '06 636 that I thumped into a curb and lowsided :unhappy: The scratches aren't bad on the front fairings as I was going exceptionally slow when the curb jumped up and got me...But somehow I got a wicked crack in the rear fairing (the part that goes under the rear seat). I'd...
  2. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! New 6 owner!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello My name is La'Darryl Hollingsworth but folks call me L.A. for short. I'm a graphic artist and photographer in Atlanta, Ga and I love it...I recently purchased a Nice strong 1999 Kawasaki track bike from a guy for $1400 and what im wanting to do is get it back on the streets. I'd appreciate...