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  1. Tank cover for '09 ZX6R

    Want to Buy
    Doesn't need to be mint or anything, but these seem surprisingly rare. Hoping someone has a leftover they don't need!
  2. Auctmarts fairings with homemade design

    hey guys, just wanted to share my experience with Auctmarts on my latest purchase, a complete fairing set. Video 1 is unboxing and partly assembly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwFZYAlRY1E Video 2 is more of a showcase of the final product. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYEFx7tRBSQ i will...
  3. 2009 ZX6R w/ 2011 Fairings?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey everyone, quick question on a 2009 ZX6R for sale.. The bike is immaculate, perfectly clean, no issues, but the fairings/tank/tail/nose (the entire body) are all from a 2011 ZX6R. Does this raise any red flags to you guys? Any opinions? The bike is 100% an 09. Have not ran the VIN yet, the...
  4. 04 636 fairings

    Want to Buy
    Looking to buy fairings. preferably the Front and sides but if the whole kit is available then that would be great as well. I have an 04 ZX6R(636)
  5. Help with a rebuild lights and fairings

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey everyone. So I am pretty new here. To cut a long story short I was in an accident and finally got the mechanical work done on my bike after saving some money. Now I just need electrical and fairings for my 2006 zx6r. Anyone have a recommended place to go to get a new fairing kit? I also have...
  6. WTB '12 ZX-6R track bodywork and rearsets

    Want to Buy
    I'm looking to buy a set of track bodywork and adjustable rearsets. Let me know what you've got and let's see if we can work out a deal we're both happy with. Thanks!
  7. 09-12 fairing/bolt kit?

    Mechanical and Technical
    Anyone know where I can find a good kit with all the necessary bolts and push tabs to mount a full fairing kit? I've looked around a bit and found a few aftermarket options, but was wondering if anyone has had a particularly good experience with a certain set. I have a handful of the factory...
  8. Aftermarket fairings anybody??

    Motorcycle Talk
    I know, OEM is the best:sigh: but, I have heard mixed opinions on the topic of aftermarket fairings and eBay fairings. China is kind of a hit or miss thing, but so far anything I've ordered from china has been spot on. I also noticed alot of posts saying they are absolute crap were from years...
  9. WTB parts for 09-12 zx6r!!

    Want to Buy
    Hey all, looking for some parts for a 2010 zx6r! -OEM Fairings (preferably a complete set) or a reasonable set of aftermarket fairings -Left rear set -Left clip on -Left mirror -front seat -right turn signal Let me know what you have. Thanks!:)
  10. Quick question on rebuild

    Mechanical and Technical
    Hey all. I had a question on a downed 2010 zx6r I am looking at bidding on. So far I have just looked at pictures of it (its right by my house so I plan on spending some time looking it over before I place any bids). Did some research and was wondering if there is a plastic cowl that covers the...
  11. OEM Fairings vs Kawasaki Fairings?

    The ZX6R
    Hi Everyone, I need to put new fairings on my bike and would like to hear from anyone else who has recently done the same. Original Kawasaki fairings from my dealer (Australia) start from AUD$160 (for smaller panels) all the way up to AUD$500 (for larger panels). The 4 panels that I need add up...
  12. Afternarket fairings

    The ZX6R
    I'm looking to get a full set of aftermarket fairings and have looked around at a few different websites. Wondering if anyone here has purchased from any of the dealers. I have heard people mention auctmarts, nicecycle, extreme fairings, etc. I'm looking for advice as I want it to be good...
  13. In need of opinions

    The ZX6R
    So as the title states, I'm in need of some opinions. Tax return season is here and I'll be throwing some money at my 05 636. Exhaust and integrated tail lights aren't included in that because they are pretty much all set money wise right now. I am planning on changing out the oemfairings to a...
  14. WTB 13 zx6r right fairings (black)

    Want to Buy
    Hey everyone. So I bought a practically new bike with 700 miles, aside from it being dropped in a parking lot on the right side when the previous owner was trying to park. I need to buy the bottom and middle fairings on the right side so if anyone has any black ones for sale please let me...
  15. need fairings

    New Member Introductions
    I am looking to buy some good condition (white only) fairings for an 03 for cheaper than new.anyone have anything let me know
  16. WTB '05-06 Fairings

    Want to Buy
    Well it finally happened. Got sideswiped by some fool jumping out of the carpool lane. Need front fairing/cowl and fendor, right side upper fairing, rear tail fairing. I'm in SoCal if you need to know.
  17. 07-08 ZX6R Race Plastics Needed

    Want to Buy
    Specifically, I need the belly for an Armour Bodies Set. However, I am open to purchasing a full set of another make, Please message me thank you. [email protected]
  18. 2010 fuel tank and fairings; help

    The ZX6R
    What's going on guys. First off I'd like to apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section as this is my first post. I browse from time to time but I decided to turn to you guys for some well needed advice. About a month ago I ended up flipping my 2010 ZX6R on a quick stop :bawling: Her gas tank...
  19. 2005 zx6r Fairings

    Motorcycle Talk
    A couple months ago i was in an accident and im needing a new front upper fairing and have been looking at options for just replacing all my fairings. Everywhere I find to order them is in hongkong or china and will take around a month to ship me the fairings. Does anyone know any good options...
  20. need 05 zx6r fairings and parts please! uk!

    United Kingdom
    in need of all these parts for my 2005 Kawasaki zx6r c1h if anyone has, or knows someone who has them! top fairing left and right side fairings belly pan ram intake all fairing brackets to mount them to the bike. and a standard top yoke. will pay for postage or collect if won't post! looking...