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  1. 2013 zx6r PC5 map for M4/Leo Vince slipon+ K&N air filter

    The ZX6R
    Hello folks, I was wondering if anyone would be generous enough to share their dyno'd PC5 maps for the zx6r in these following trims 1. M4 Slipon + decat + k&N air filter + dynojet quick shifter 2. Leo Vince Slipon + pinebox mid pipe+ k&N air filter + dynojet quick shifter. I have already...
  2. Autotune

    Mechanical and Technical
    I have some searching on the forum and haven't seen this topic covered. I apologize if it has. on my 2014 i installed the power commander 5, then the autotune kit to help get the tune as close as possible. there are some settings under the autotune kit on the computer where you can adjust the...
  3. PC5 quickshifter

    Mechanical and Technical
    I cant seem to find any info for my bike for quickshifter options. I have a power commander 5 and I need to know what I all need to add the QS capability to my bike. Do I just need the sensor and a new rod? Do I need the disc with software to update my PC5? any info will be greatly appreciated...
  4. what are zx6r 00 steps to stage 3?

    United Kingdom
    Hi guys have seen loads of post on here about zx6r 2000 moding but not what im looking for! I'm looking to make my bike stage 3,so what are the first steps? got a powertech endcan and k&n filter i will be looking at getting and ignition advancer and jet kit also iv seen few bikes with clamp on...
  5. WTB 03-04 636 PCIII Power Commander

    Want to Buy
    Looking to buy a power commander for my 2004 636. have k&n filter and high mount so this is now a must! please pm me with a price if you have one! need ASAP! -Ryan