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  1. Mechanical and Technical
    Also, do you guys/girls prefer a 180 or 190 rear tire (why)? Im a pretty new rider and this is my first time buying Tires. :O
  2. Motorcycle Talk
    After a long 2:30 hour ride from Philly to the NYC area, dogging cagers who were frustrated because of the traffic, and 85 degree heat, I made it just in time to have my first official fall. :thumbdown: Making a left from a drive way on to a two Lane Street, my dumb ass noticed that my disk...
  3. Ride Reports
    Low speed drop. Mostly scratches, nice ding in the tank, and a broken foot peg. Just one of those weeks. A lil' bit of rash on me, but not too bad. Pics to follow. Pissed off at myself more than anything. I'm going to drink beer now. :headbang: